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The power of a Chevy Corvette can be a lot for stock brakes to handle. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brakes may serve you well for a while, but there will be room for improvements. You can turn to the Top Flight Automotive catalog for solutions like Corvette brake pads and rotors.

We sell the technology you need to go beyond OEM specifications. Sit behind the wheel of your Corvette knowing your brake system will stay cool and bring you to a full stop.

Efficient Corvette Brake Pads and Rotors

Your Corvette deserves the highest-quality brake pads and rotors. Top Flight Automotive simplifies the brake upgrade process by supplying you with listings engineered for specific Corvette generations and models. See the results you’re hoping for with numerous selections from PowerStop for sale. Add new pads and rotors with kits that work with C2-C7 sports cars.

Benefits of PowerStop Brake Components

PowerStop creates technology for front and rear wheel assemblies. Thanks to Top Flight Automotive, you can treat your Corvette to brake pad and rotor kits made with carbon fiber, ceramic and metallic materials. Help wheel wells and brake components dissipate heat quickly using PowerStop solutions for your disc brake setup.

Choose a Brake Pad and Rotor Kit That’s Right for You

Top Flight Automotive includes helpful descriptions with every brake pad and rotor kit in our catalog. Browse our selection of kits from PowerStop to meet your driving needs.

High-Performance Pad and Rotor Kits

Take your Corvette to the track with PowerStop High-Performance brake pad and rotor kits. These offerings ship with Track Day brake pads that remain cool under demanding conditions. Achieve a high coefficient of friction between pads and rotors no matter the temperature.

Low-Dust Z17 Evolution Ceramic Brake Kits

Keep your Corvette’s brake system clean with PowerStop’s Z17 Evolution pads and rotors. These components are produced with low-dust materials for consistent functionality and less debris on surfaces. Some Z17 Evolution kits feature rotors with rust-resistant coatings and updated calipers for your sports car.

Z23 and Z26 Brake Pad and Rotor Kits for Sale

Add bolt-on upgrades showcasing drilled and slotted rotors for your Corvette. The Z23 and Z26 PowerStop Corvette brake kits are incredibly responsive.

Drilled and slotted Corvette rotors keep temperatures under control so you can stop on a dime, brake quietly and prevent premature pad wear. Use the included stainless steel hardware to fasten everything in place. Note that many Z26 brake pad and rotor kits can potentially give you 20% more stopping power than parts from other brands.

Check out With Corvette Brake Pads and Rotors

Make your Corvette’s disc brake setup more powerful with Top Flight Automotive. We stock the technology you need to make Corvettes from the past and newer models drive the way you like — smoothly and efficiently. Enhance your driving experience with pad and rotor kits suitable for street and track environments.

Shop our site for Corvette brake pads and rotors. Order today to start updating your sports car!

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