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Chevrolet Corvette Roof

Protect your Corvette’s interior surfaces from rainwater, dirt and UV rays by replacing worn components near the roof before they become an issue. Top Flight Automotive is your source for a variety of convertible, soft- and hard-top solutions for Corvettes.

Roof Parts Listed by Category

Numerous components keep convertible tops in place. When you’re dealing with an issue involving the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) convertible top on your Chevy Corvette, remember our site for direct-fit parts and upgrades. Our catalog features the following parts and more:

  • Convertible top assemblies
  • Convertible top cables
  • Convertible top fastener kits
  • Convertible top header bars
  • Convertible top pads
  • Hard top assemblies
  • Headliners
  • Roof panel weatherstrip
  • Roof panel weatherstrip clips
  • Targa top latches
  • Targa top roof panel strikers

Corvette Convertible Top Assemblies

Looking to get a new convertible top assembly for the C1, C2 or C3 series sports cars? Replace your entire Corvette convertible top using technology by Kee Auto Top or Coffman Corvette. An assembly is ideal when you want to upgrade the canvas material, pad, latches, weatherstrip and hardware across your vehicle. Offerings from our catalog arrive ready for fastening out of the box.

Convertible Top Pads

Provide extra cushioning between metal components and convertible top fabrics. The Top Flight Automotive catalog is your source for convertible top pads for the 1950s-1990s ‘Vettes. Components made by Kee Auto Top and CA correspond with the dimensions of convertible top frames, so there’s no need to cut the materials for the right fit.

Chevy Corvette Hardtop Headliners for Sale

Headliners bridge the gap between the hardtop assembly and your cabin. Prolonged sunlight exposure and flooding can deteriorate headliners. When they do, turn to Top Flight Automotive to purchase new ones that look like OEM inserts. We stock upgrades for the impressive C3-C8 Corvettes.

Corvette Roof Panel Weatherstrip

Replace the seals between the convertible top and your Corvette cabin. We stock roof panel weatherstrip upgrades to help you keep seats, mats and interior trims dry. You can choose precut sections of weatherstrip materials or rolls that let you trim rubber materials to your desired length.

Many Corvette roof panel weatherstrip listings are officially licensed by GM. Fasten thick seals that perform to OEM levels or better. The weatherstrip materials you see on our site have a similar texture to stock technology.

Buy Corvette Convertible Top and Roof Parts From Our Catalog Today

Top Flight Automotive is a one-stop shop for all of the parts you need for your Corvette. From price-matching to customer service and efficient processing timelines, few outlets do what we will to give you an unmatched customer experience. We also stock the largest product portfolio of Corvette parts you’ll find anywhere. Shop our convertible top and roof parts online to start your next project!

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