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Chevrolet Corvette Moulding

Chevy Corvette mouldings add to the look of your vehicle and keep water out of interior spaces. You’ll notice Corvettes are equipped with mouldings and weatherstrip from Chevrolet, but few rubber components on your sports car will last forever. The good news is that you can purchase replacement materials from the team at Top Flight Automotive.

Whether you prefer water-resistant technology by Trim Parts, Auto Accessories of America, Corvette Rubber, Metro Moulded Parts, Scott Drake or CA, you’ll find it all on our site.

Shop Corvette Mouldings and Weatherstrip by Category

Rubber sealants are strategically placed across your sports car. It’s likely the mouldings and weatherstrip on your ride will deteriorate at different rates, so turn to Top Flight Automotive when you need:

  • Back glass seals
  • Back glass weatherstrip
  • Convertible top seals
  • Cowl seals
  • Door seals
  • Door window seals
  • Fender seals
  • Hard top seals
  • Hood seals
  • Roof panel weatherstrip
  • Soft top seals
  • Trunk lid seals
  • Weatherstrip fasteners
  • Windshield seals

Corvette Convertible Top Seals for Your Ride

Nothing puts a damper on driving like a convertible top leak. Replace the weatherstrip near the top and rear decklid of your ‘Vette with Top Flight Automotive.

Add new weatherstrip by Corvette Rubber to the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s convertibles. These weatherstrip materials are manufactured in thicknesses similar to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seals.

Automotive Moulding for Doors

Top Flight Automotive is your online source for Corvette door seal solutions. Replace the main, lower and upper weatherstrip on your sports car’s doors as well as the door drip mouldings to keep interiors dry.

Most of our door seals from CA, Corvette Rubber and Metro Moulded Parts are pre-cut to match the dimensions of your vehicle.

Hood Seals for Your Chevy Corvette

Durable hood seals do more than block water from entering the engine compartment. They also prevent dirt, mud, pollen and dust from reaching connections under the hood. When the OEM hood seals on your Corvette wear out, look to our site.

Select Auto Accessories of America hood seals stretch from the hood surfaces to the side fenders of your Chevy Corvette for maximum protection against the elements.

Chevy Corvette Trunk Lid Seals

You need functional trunk lid seals at the back of your vehicle to protect your personal belongings. Most rear trunk lid seals manufactured by Metro Moulded Parts are produced with EPDM materials that stand strong against ultraviolet rays. These seals are also created using intense pressure and heat to prolong their service life.

Shop our site for tear-resistant Corvette trunk lid seals with accurate profiles that fit your Corvette correctly. The C4 and C5 trunk lid seals in our inventory are as close as you can get to stock weatherstrip.

Weatherstrip Kits Available for Your Convenience

You can also purchase weatherstrip kits that will cover all of the key areas of your car with one purchase.  Rather than replace weatherstrip one part at a time, order an entire kit and proactively prevent leaks throughout your car.

Shop Top Flight Automotive for Chevrolet Corvette Mouldings

Protecting your ‘Vette from inclement weather is easier said than done — unless you shop Top Flight Automotive for replacement parts. Our experts know the value of using premier components during repairs and restoration work. That’s why we stock Corvette weatherstrip and mouldings from USA-based manufacturers for results you can take pride in. Explore our parts catalog and place your order today!

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