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Corvette Gas Tank Sending Units

When you look at your Corvette’s fuel gauge, you expect the reading to be accurate. A faulty gas tank sending unit could be the reason for a dancing needle on the instrument cluster or a tank that runs out of gas suddenly. Turning to Top Flight Automotive for replacement technology is a simple way to fix the problem.

Work on Various Corvette Models

At Top Flight Automotive, we know how annoying a broken gas tank sending unit can be. We offer the parts you need to correct it in vehicles from the C1-C6 eras with solutions for the base, Collector’s Edition and Anniversary models.

Make adjustments to your sports car’s fuel tank to better plan your trips. Our experts stock Corvette fuel tank sending unit upgrades and corresponding technology to help you take repairs and restoration work into your own hands. Explore components by GM, CA and Auto Accessories of America under our wing.

C1 Corvette Fuel Sending Units

Change the sending unit on your first-generation Corvette as well as surrounding components like gaskets and floats. We’re known for our collection of solutions for 1953-1962 C1 ‘Vettes. Complete restoration jobs without guesswork or drilling using CA parts that align with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) surfaces.

C2 Corvette Gas Tank Sending Unit Parts

Replace your entire C2 (1963-1967) Corvette gas tank sending unit with look-alike solutions that perform to OEM specifications. Most assemblies are produced by CA for the second-gen series. We also stock gas tank sending unit removal tools from Auto Accessories of America.

C3 Sending Unit and Fuel Pump Kits

You can change your car’s sending unit on its own or along with the fuel pump. Top Flight Automotive helps you find cost-effective fuel system kits for the 1970s and 1980s Corvettes. Revitalize your sports car’s fuel system with kits that include strainers, gaskets and hardware for convenience.

C4 Sending Unit Technology

We stock the parts you need to fix the sending unit on almost any fourth-generation (1984-1996) Corvette. Check to see all that’s included with C4 sending unit kits by CA. Note select kits require you to transfer over your stock fuel pump and pulsator dampener to complete the project.

C5 and C6 Corvette Fuel Gauge Level Sending Units

Depending on what year your fifth- or sixth-gen Corvette came out, the fuel gauge level sending unit will be on the left (1997-2002) or right side (2003-2006) of your vehicle. Top Flight Automotive sells upgrade technology for both layouts. Stay on track with your restoration project using direct-fit components.

Choose Top Flight Automotive for Gas Tank Parts

Top Flight Automotive ships gas tank parts worldwide. Our inventory features cutting-edge technology from renowned brands in the Chevrolet community. We’ve worked on vehicles similar to yours before, and we speak fluent Corvette — so we’re willing to guide you through the repair or restoration process if you have any questions.

Shop the selection of Corvette gas tank components and order online today to get your next project in motion.

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