Chevrolet Corvette Seat Belt

Chevrolet Corvette Seat Belts

Seat belts help you prepare for the unexpected — and in some cases, they save lives.

Top Flight Automotive carries the products you need when you want to replace original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seat belts. Shop our offerings today.

Chevy Corvette Seat Belts From Reputable Companies

Part of restoring Corvettes from the past is finding components that fit like stock technology. Top Flight Automotive simplifies your efforts by carrying Corvette seat belts that attach in factory locations for driver and passenger seats. Purchase our offerings manufactured by Auto Accessories of America, Corbeau Seats and Corvette America to update your vehicle and keep your passengers safe.

Review our seat belt listings for the first-, second-, third- and fourth-generation Corvettes you cherish.

1953-1962 C1 Corvette Seat Belts

The lap-style seat belts in a first-generation Corvette are the similar colors as interior seats, floors, steering wheels and dash surfaces. With Top Flight Automotive, you can buy replacement seat belts modeled after C1 OEM parts. Explore your options for first-gen Corvette seat belts by Corvette America and Auto Accessories of America.

Top Flight Automotive is proud to offer 1953-1962 Corvette seat belts in multiple shades. Purchase belts featuring chrome hardware and straps in colors like black, red, silver, saddle, frost blue and turquoise.

1963-1967 C2 Corvette Seat Belts

Many Top Flight Automotive seat belts are compatible with the second-generation (1963-1967) series. We’ve added dozens of C2 Corvette seat belts to our inventory. Whether you’d like to make a statement with seat belts that differ from your OEM technology or follow the layout of 1960s models, Top Flight Automotive carries the solutions you need to make your vision real.

Many of our seat belts follow production trends of the second-gen era. Corvette shoulder belts were first introduced in vehicles for the 1966 models. Pay attention to the model years displayed in product descriptions to choose seat belts that fit your cabin.

1968-1982 C3 Corvette Seat Belts

Top Flight Automotive carries a vast collection of C3 Corvette seat belts for sale. Our catalog is filled with retractable technology you can use to stay safe behind the wheel without seat belts tangling between uses.

Like with other Corvette generations, Top Flight Automotive offers 1968-1982 seat belts in stock colors seen from Chevrolet. Find third-gen Corvette lap and shoulder seat belts without searching around. Some C3 Corvette seat belts from Auto Accessories of America display GM logos on the buckles.

1984-1996 C4 Corvette Seat Belts

Replace just the C4 Corvette seat belt sections you require with Top Flight Automotive’s offerings. Select seat belt styles made by Auto Accessories of America include carpet inserts to conceal hardware once your project is complete. Edit the appearance of your base, 35th Anniversary or 40th Anniversary Corvette efficiently.

Choose Top Flight Automotive for Corvette Seat Belt Upgrades

With Top Flight Automotive, you can work on interior and exterior projects with reliable parts. Our staff keeps you from waiting around for components to arrive — most items in our catalog ship the same day you receive a purchase confirmation. Buy your seat belts from our site today!

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