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Chevrolet Corvette Toolbox Magnets

Customizing the tools and storage accessories you use to work on your Corvette helps you differentiate the supplies you use frequently. Customizing your personal belongings is possible with Top Flight Automotive. Place Corvette- and Chevy-themed magnets on surfaces for others to see.

Reasons to Use Corvette Magnets

Corvette magnets can be applied to metal toolboxes in seconds. Get creative with Top Flight Automotive’s offerings from Auto Accessories of America. We sell Corvette magnets in various shapes, colors and sizes. Cover your toolbox, shop fridge and other metal surfaces in the garage with stylish accessories.

Our magnets allow you to alter the look of your belongings with the option to remove them in the future. Help others recognize your favorite car by glancing at your toolbox. Corvette magnets are also effective for separating your equipment from others. Pack up after working on your vehicle, knowing you have the correct toolbox in hand.

Corvette-Inspired Magnets

Channel some vintage Corvette themes across your toolbox with the help of Top Flight Automotive. Whether you like the look of first-generation (1953-1962) C1 Corvettes or you’d like to place some Crossflags on the equipment you use daily, we carry hand-selected accessories to fit your style.

Celebrate the generations that have been retired for decades. Top Flight Automotive will help you find Corvette magnets featuring officially licensed images and scripts. Give yourself something to look forward to the next time you reach for your repair or restoration supplies.

Chevy-Inspired Magnets

Top Flight Automotive is proud to offer toolbox magnets with well-known logos, scripts and graphics. Customize belongings using tin accessories showing Chevrolet bowties. Some designs available mention that you use “genuine Chevrolet parts” during projects. All the Chevy magnets we carry from Auto Accessories of America are die-cut for precise results.

Use versatile magnets anywhere you like. From toolboxes to the outside of a refrigerator, the Chevy magnets will have your friends and family asking where you found such one-of-a-kind accessories. Top Flight Automotive sells Chevy magnets based on retro designs from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Spruce up your workspace with accessories that take you back in time.

Garage-Themed Magnets

Place magnets from our catalog throughout your garage with our collection of numerous road sign, route number and gas station magnets.

Reimagine your space or toolbox using Auto Accessories of America garage magnets resembling stop signs, street signs and advertisements for food and fuel. You can change your garage’s aesthetic from front to back. If you’re particular about who drives your vehicle or uses your tools, check out garage-theme magnets with clever sayings that set the tone for others stepping foot near your Corvette.

Remember Top Flight Automotive for Corvette Toolbox Magnets

When you’re ready to customize your toolbox, keep Top Flight Automotive in mind for magnets large and small. We enable you to change the appearance of metal storage equipment so that you can keep your tools together in style. Our professionals do their best to keep Corvette magnets and accessories in stock so you can expect the items you purchase to arrive quickly. 

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