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There’s only one thing stopping you from seeing the open road when inside your Corvette, and that’s excess sunlight. When you put hours into fixing up your favorite ride, you want to enjoy everything, even if it is whizzing by at top speed. Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive solves your problem by offering a variety of Corvette-themed sunglasses to keep you safe, looking great and comfortable behind the wheel.

Across our online store, you’ll find sixth- and seventh-generation Corvette sunglasses perfect for year-round wear. Whether you’re going to the beach for a summer vacation or cruising down the freeway in your daily driver, we’ve got you covered with styles for men and women. The days of having to rely on your sun visor are over thanks to our sleek shades!


Everyone can pull off a set of Aviator sunglasses, so Top Flight Automotive brings customers metal frame options displaying C6 and C7 scripts on the right-side lens. Featuring soft padding along the temple, ear and nose area, our Corvette metal frame sunglasses sit securely on the face for a lightweight fit. Find a pick that suits your style and personality with frame colors like black and gunmetal for eyewear that is stylish, durable and built to last.

Corvette metal frame sunglasses come with a hardshell case perfect for storage in your Corvette’s center console.


Own a 2005-2013 Corvette? Treat yourself to a pair of Corvette logo sunglasses inspired by sixth-generation builds. C6 Corvette logo sunglasses combine modern styling with premium functionality, as black and machined silver frames wrap around the sides of the face to shield your peripheral vision.

Thanks to their open-edge designs, C6 logo frames enable you to gain an unobstructed view of your vehicle’s dashboard, shifter and radio controls. Benefit from complete UV protection and smoke flash mirror lenses that direct sunlight away from the eyes. Change up your look with a free set of amber lenses that come with your order.

All of our C6 Corvette logo sunglasses ship out with sixth-generation Crossflag emblems on the edge of the frames and come with a soft case.


Sports car fans are still impressed with the C7 generation for its LT1 V8 engines and impressive stock horsepower ratings. If you have one of these in your garage, place an order for C7 Corvette logo sunglasses from Top Flight Automotive. Gloss Black and Crystal wrap-around frames showcase the famous seventh-generation Crossflag emblem, and polycarbonate smoke flash mirror lenses are impact- and scratch-resistant.

As one of our best-selling Corvette sport-style sunglasses, C7 logo frames arrive with silicone padding for the nose and temples. Keep your lenses free from dirt and smudges with the complimentary microfiber carrying bag included with your order.


Top Flight Automotive belongs to the Extra Mile Brands family of companies serving the Corvette community for over 40 years. We’re fans of classic and modern Corvettes just like you, so our online store is always expanding with partsaccessories and more to keep your vehicle on the road for future generations to see. Browse our collection of Corvette sunglasses today, and contact us online for further information about any of our products, services or offerings.


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