Chevrolet Corvette Fuel System

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Chevrolet Corvette Fuel System

One exterior system on your Chevy Corvette that may slip your mind is the fuel system. Designed to power your sports car’s engine and keep airborne contaminants out of the mixture, the fuel system consists of multiple connections to bring gasoline from the storage tank to the engine bay.

When you notice something strange with your vehicle’s fuel system, remember Top Flight Automotive for solutions. We sell the components, hardware and upgrades you’re looking for.

A Range of Fuel System Parts for Sale

Turn to Top Flight Automotive when you need parts to complete an independent project. Our inventory is ever-growing with Corvette fuel system parts in easy-to-browse categories. Purchase solutions engineered to work for years — we sell aluminum and stainless steel technology that installs on your Corvette without alterations. Some of the fuel system parts you’ll find through Top Flight Automotive include:

  • Fuel filler doors
  • Fuel filler door bezel nuts
  • Fuel filler door brackets
  • Fuel filler door kits
  • Fuel filler door lock actuator brackets
  • Fuel filler neck flaps
  • Fuel injection fuel rails
  • Fuel tank vent valve kits

Corvette Fuel Filler Doors

Fuel filler doors create a barrier between your car’s gas tank and the environment. If you’d like to replace your fuel filler door or swap it out for one that offers a new look, browse our site for custom fuel filler door solutions compatible with C2-C5 ‘Vettes.

Select a Corvette fuel filler door with Crossflags for a presentation that’s unique from other vehicles you encounter on the road or the track.

Fuel Filler Door Brackets and Hardware for Corvettes

Whether you’re installing a new fuel filler door or repairing an existing one that doesn’t open and close properly, turn to Top Flight Automotive for replacement brackets and hardware. We’re here for you with the filler door brackets, gas lid neck bezels, hinges and hardware you need to work on select C4 (1984-1996) Corvettes. Repair much-used assemblies on ZR1, Grand Sport and convertible ‘Vettes.

Chevy Corvette Fuel Filler Neck Flaps

A small flap sits near your vehicle’s fuel filler neck. This part prevents gasoline fumes from escaping the tank after refueling. Each time you remove the nozzle from the fuel filler neck, the fuel filler neck flap moves into place to cover the small opening that leads to your fuel supply.

Pick up a replacement fuel filler neck flap for your C2-C5 Corvette from our catalog. We sell multiple rubber Corvette gas guards in different shapes to accommodate your vehicle.

Make Us Your First Choice for Corvette Fuel System Solutions

Top Flight Automotive is dedicated to stocking technology that will work on your vehicle with as few complications as possible. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we’re ready to provide recommendations for parts when you need them. One of the best ways to save on upcoming purchases is to enroll in our loyalty program so you can access exclusive discounts and promotions.

When you’re ready to start your next project, purchase Corvette fuel system solutions online!

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