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Corvette Ground Effects and Body Kits

Corvette owners trust Top Flight Automotive for all their restoration needs because we are home to the most impressive online inventory of Corvette parts. Our selection of high-quality products helps you maintain a factory-fresh look for your beloved Corvette. 

One of the most satisfying aspects of owning a Corvette is adding upgrades. Whether you’re replacing worn components or creating a custom look, you’ll find the parts you need to enhance your vehicle in our extensive inventory. We carry ground effects and body kits for every Corvette generation. You’ll find compatible components for all the muscle cars in Corvette’s lineup, from Stingrays and ZR1s to Grand Sports and all other models.

Corvette Ground Effects Kits

Ground effects kits contain aftermarket parts designed to give your Corvette a lowered look and enhance its aerodynamic capabilities. They usually include a front splitter, side rocker panels and hardware.

A front splitter is a flat piece of bodywork that attaches to the bottom of your car’s front bumper and extends outward. Front splitters are typically made of carbon fiber or similar lightweight, durable materials. They increase downforce at high speeds by “splitting” the airflow at the front of the car to achieve an ideal balance of high- and low-pressure air. 

Side rocker panels are durable pieces of metal or fiberglass that run along the sides of your car between the front and rear wheels, just below the doors. They help keep unwanted air pressure from getting underneath your Corvette when traveling at high speeds to prevent lift.

A ground effects kit from Top Flight Automotive gives you these components and the necessary hardware in one convenient package. 

Corvette Body Kits

A body kit is the perfect choice for customizing your Corvette and improving its performance. Over time, your Corvette’s exterior may show signs of wear and tear. With new body parts from trusted brands, you can restore the look and value of your Corvette.

Body kit components allow you to give your Corvette a custom look without any major bodywork. Your Corvette will stand out on the road and reflect your unique style.

Many body kit pieces are also designed to make your car more aerodynamic. You can use them to realize your car’s full potential and achieve a race-track feel. At Top Flight Automotive, we carry Chevy Corvette aero kits explicitly designed for aerodynamic performance. 

Depending on your Corvette’s model and year, you can add body kit components like:


A wing — also known as an airfoil — changes the airflow around the back of your Corvette to create downforce. This addition looks like an upside-down plane and gives your Corvette a distinct, racing-style look.

At Top Flight Automotive, we carry high-quality wings made from carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) and fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP). Our suppliers designed these parts to match the contours of your Corvette’s back end for a sleek appearance, and they deliver exceptional performance.

Front Spoilers

Front spoilers — sometimes called air dams — minimize the amount of air that can get under your car, which helps prevent lift at high speeds. A front spoiler attaches to the front of your bumper and extends downward, creating a smaller gap between the bottom of your car and the road.

Top Flight Automotive has front spoilers for C3 to C6 Corvettes. We carry spoilers with built-in splitters and packages that come with bumper reinforcement, giving you a great value on your purchase.

Rear Spoilers

A rear spoiler is a piece of trim that extends up from the sides of your trunk. It disrupts airflow around the rear of your car, reducing lift at high speeds. It also helps improve wheel traction, fuel efficiency and brake stability.

We sell rear spoilers made of high-quality carbon fiber materials for an effective, lightweight solution.

Rear Diffusers

A rear diffuser attaches to the back of your Corvette beneath the bumper. It helps redirect the high-speed airflow underneath your car to the low-pressure area at the back of your vehicle, creating downforce. Many enthusiasts love rear diffusers because they also help other aerodynamic features like wings perform better.

We carry aftermarket rear diffusers in various configurations to accommodate a range of Corvette models. 

Ground Effects and Body Kits for Every Corvette Generation

Whether you need a front spoiler for your C3 or a grounds effects kit for your C8, you’ll find high-quality components for every Corvette generation in our vast inventory. We organize our body kit selection by generation, model and year, making it quick and easy to find compatible components for your vehicle.

We carry ground effects and body kits from industry-leading manufacturers like American Custom Industries (ACI), APR Performance and General Motors (GM). These kits come complete with instructions and hardware for a streamlined installation process. We also sell many body kit components individually so that you can purchase the specific parts you need with no minimum order requirements.

Purchase Corvette Ground Effects and Body Kits From Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive has the best selection of ground effects and body kits on the market. We offer affordable prices, and we price match the competition to give you the best deals on our products. 

Once you place an order, you can expect to receive it promptly because we provide fast delivery times, with many of our items available for same-day shipping.

Top Flight Automotive is a company Corvette lovers trust. We belong to the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, a group that’s helped Corvette owners get the high-quality parts they need for more than four decades. If you need help finding what you’re looking for, you can rely on our sales team to point you in the right direction. Combined, they have 175 of industry experience, making them the most knowledgeable team in the business.

With our exceptional parts selection and industry expertise, you’re sure to find the products you need to tackle your next project.

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