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Chevrolet Corvette Switches

There are controls throughout a Chevy Corvette’s cabin. Every adjustment to the gear shifter, lights or parking brake triggers a sensor, causing a light to appear on the dash. If the switches inside your ride die out, Top Flight Automotive can help you finish a repair or restoration task with various replacements.

Shop for parts for the C1, C2 and C3 series Corvettes to get your vehicle operating like it used to.

Corvette Switches From American Brands

Chevy Corvettes are worthy of the best parts in the automotive scene. Our team helps you reach your restoration goals by stocking technology from American manufacturers for quality assurance. Enhance your driving experience using a wide range of solutions from CA, Hurst, Lectric Limited, Inc. and Lokar Performance Products.

A Smooth Shopping Experience for Restoration Work

Find compatible Corvette replacement switches in moments through Top Flight Automotive. We list selections by Corvette generation. You can also review drop-down menus on our site to seek out switches according to submodel name, year and part type.

Talk to a Top Flight Automotive sales representative Monday through Saturday during business hours about your project. We will show you our options for compatible switches that work on base, Collector’s Edition and Anniversary ‘Vettes without alterations.

Corvette Park Brake Light Switches

Engaging the park brake is recommended when leaving your Corvette on uneven surfaces or parking a vehicle with a manual transmission. Inside the cabin, the park brake light switch tells you when the park brake lever is lifted. Making sure this switch works is key to the dash light turning on, reminding you to disengage the park brake before driving.

Top Flight Automotive stocks park brake light switches for the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s Corvettes. Choose switches that ship with the hardware you’ll need to complete your project. Park brake light switches fit in the same locations as stock connections.

Purchase Corvette Switches Now

Top Flight Automotive makes restoration tasks easier with most of the aftermarket parts we carry in stock. We offer customer perks too good to pass up. Choose us for everything you need for a Corvette throughout ownership. We price-match competitors, process most items within 24 hours and give you resources to help you pick out the best solutions for your efforts.

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