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C8 Corvette Brakes

The C8 Corvette is the latest iteration of the vehicle line that embodies the term “American sports car” for many drivers. With a mid-engine layout and the fastest 0-60 mph time in Corvette history, eighth-generation models are one of a kind. Whether you’re driving a C8 ‘Vette on the street or track, you need working brakes.

Top Flight Automotive carries Corvette brake kits, parts and supplies for the 2020-present series. Shop our catalog to see how you can keep your vehicle’s brake system clean and operating at peak performance levels.

C8 Brake Technology From Reliable Brands

Corvette brakes serve you well when you attach technology made by brands with experience in the aftermarket industry. Top Flight Automotive ensures the C8 Corvette brakes you purchase from our store will fit properly and exceed the capabilities of the parts initially installed on your ride.

When the time comes for a repair or upgrade, choose Top Flight Automotive for solutions from PowerStop and Corvette America. Get everything from caliper paint to ceramic brake pads under one wing. Our professionals make your C8 Corvette brake project easy and enjoyable with direct-fit solutions that save you from troubleshooting or modifying your car.

Eighth-Generation Corvette Brake Pad Kits

Brake pads are some of the first parts of your Corvette’s brake setup to show wear. Replacing Corvette brake pads is straightforward, but you should use high-quality upgrades for longevity and quick response times.

Your search for new C8 Corvette brake pads ends with Top Flight Automotive. You’ll see carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads appropriate for street and track driving online. Keep your eighth-generation Corvette’s brake system working quietly with pads that produce little dust.

The C8 brake pads that we supply from PowerStop boost your vehicle’s stopping power so that you can slow your ‘Vette effectively. Many selections in our C8 catalog are thermal-scorched to help break the pads in. Some PowerStop C8 Corvette brake pads arrive with stainless steel shims for your project. Pick out C8 brake pads that wear evenly and improve your pedal feel.

Depending on the brake pad kit you select, you can potentially enhance brake performance by as much as 20% compared to your OEM equipment.

C8 Corvette Brake Caliper and Rotor Paint

For some drivers, a Corvette is destined for customization. Update parts of your C8 Corvette brake system with epoxy paint solutions from Top Flight Automotive.

Check out C8 brake caliper and rotor paint from Corvette America. Make your calipers and rotors red, gloss black, silver or bright yellow. Corvette enthusiasts often paint brake components to personalize vehicles or hide scuffs and marks. Whatever your vision, Top Flight Automotive will ship you the brake caliper and rotor paint you want for flawless results.

Purchase Corvette Brakes for Your C8 

The Top Flight Automotive staff speaks fluent Corvette. We understand your goals for repairs and customization projects, and we’ve likely performed the work you’re hoping to complete on our own cars. We encourage all customers to review the free parts catalogs and check our growing inventory frequently.

Our headquarters is based in Pennsylvania, but we ship worldwide. Purchase C8 Corvette brakes from the Top Flight Automotive site now!

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