Corvette Brake Caliper

Corvette Brake Caliper and Caliper Kits

Corvette enthusiasts all over the world adore Chevrolet muscle cars for zipping at top speeds, unmistakable exterior body styles, roaring exhaust sounds and a comfortable cabin. Those involved in the sports car community understand that each generation offers drivers something unique, but a set of functional brakes is non-negotiable. At Top Flight Automotive, our team is passionate about restoration projects of all sizes, and our online store has brake caliper parts and kits for vehicles spanning from the C2 through the C6.

No matter if you just purchased a classic or modern Corvette or have had your favorite one sitting in the garage for years, you must inspect the condition of the brake components for your safety, as well as others on the road. Corvette brakes are your first line of defense against the unexpected when traveling at high speeds, so all of our aftermarket replacements are engineered to meet or exceed the original specifications of the Chevrolet factory. We keep the restoration process simple with everything you need for a brake caliper upgrade all in affordably priced kits.

Shop the Top Flight Automotive online store by your vehicle's make, model and year for long-lasting restoration results!

What Are Brake Calipers?

Brake calipers are one of the most important pieces of any vehicle's braking system. These components create friction with brake rotors when stepping on the brake pedal, causing your Corvette to come to a complete stop. Brake calipers install on disc brake systems and work with the brake pads to control rotors and regulate your speed when activated.

There are several reasons why a Corvette fan might change out stock calipers during a restoration project. If your Corvette's brakes begin to squeak, the vehicle brakes harder on one side or you notice brake fluid leaks, browse our online store for replacement rotors, calipers and seals. We supply the following caliper parts and kits for your C2, C3, C4, C5 or C6 Corvette:

  • Rotor and pad kits
  • Caliper pad pins
  • Seal kits
  • Corvette brake fluid
  • Caliper mount brackets
  • Caliper pistons
  • Caliper repair kits
  • Brake hardware kits
  • Corvette caliper covers
  • And more

1963-1979 Wilwood Brake Caliper Kits

Discover forged aluminum calipers from Wilwood on the Top Flight Automotive online store. They help keep a factory-fresh appearance across your C2 or C3, and are compatible with stock wheels and install without the need for exterior modification. Keep your vintage model up and running in no time with a Wilwood Classic Series Front Brake Kit, which features replacement calipers, rotors, brake pads, hardware and instructions.

Corvette Delco Brake Caliper Kits

Top Flight Automotive brings our customers brake caliper kits from industry-leading manufacturers such as Delco. This is the easiest way to receive all that you need for a smooth ride. With Lip Seal and O-Ring packages, customers can restore 1965-1982 vehicles with the following in one bundle:

  • Four replacement calipers
  • Disc brake pads
  • Caliper pad pins
  • Rubber brake hose set
  • Brake fluid (one quart)
  • Piston retaining tool
  • Rear caliper brake lines

Delco brake caliper kits are offered with a two-year warranty that starts from the date of purchase. Each individual caliper is pressure tested for a perfect fitment on your C3. Click on any of our brake caliper kits to discover which type of brake fluid you will need and if it is necessary to flush your current braking system.

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