Chevrolet Corvette Rear Window Glow Plate

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Chevrolet Corvette Rear Window Glow Plate

Placing aftermarket accessories near the rear window of your Corvette is a fun way to change the look of your vehicle. Top Flight Automotive offers an outstanding collection of glow plates, wind deflectors and similar technology to make your sports car something to be proud of. Get all of the direct-fit accessories you want from a single source.

Top Flight Automotive provides the widest Corvette parts and accessories catalog on the web. We can help you customize the appearance of your ‘Vette for daily driving and track visits.

Reliable Accessories for Your Corvette’s Interior

If you want to integrate lighting accessories on your Corvette, you’ll require technology designed to fit Corvette window and cabin dimensions. Our site features accessories manufactured for specific model years to guarantee positive results. Use our site’s search tools to discover compatible items for your sports car right away.

Top Flight Automotive helps you find illumination accessories by companies like Windrestrictor. Take on a customization project knowing the add-ons you purchase are user-friendly, durable and noticeable from outside your ride. Offerings from Windrestrictor can be fastened without drilling into your vehicle’s surfaces.

Types of Rear Cabin Accessories We Sell for Your Corvette

Our team prepares you for personalization tasks with Corvette glow plates that can be fastened quickly for convenience. We carry complete glow plate assemblies and sell the equipment necessary to power the devices for a special presentation. Look no further than Top Flight Automotive for:

  • 12-volt accessory power packs
  • 12-volt accessory power plugs
  • Dimmer switches
  • Wind deflectors

Corvette Rear Window Glow Plates

Glow plates sit in the back of your Corvette and create a barrier between the rear window glass and the rest of your vehicle’s cabin. These accessories can be added and removed to grab attention in different settings.

Windrestrictor designs solutions for C4 to C7 Corvettes. Click on a glow plate listing to see available colors. Most of the designs we carry from Windrestrictor display Corvette graphics others will recognize, like the generation Crossflags, 50th Anniversary, Grand Sport, Z06, Jake Racing and Stingray logos.

Top Flight Automotive carries glow plates made of polymethyl methacrylate. Use accessories featuring no-drill bracket systems that align with the shape of your Corvette’s cabin for a secure fitment.

Glow Plate Dimmer Remotes

Control how bright you want your Windrestrictor Corvette glow plate to be. Top Flight Automotive sells wireless dimmer remotes that work with Windrestrictor accessories for Corvettes made after 1984.

Set your new window glow plate to 25%, 50% or 100% brightness from inside or outside the cabin. Use wireless dimming remotes whether your Corvette glow plate is wired directly to your vehicle or powered by a 12-volt plug or power pack.

Rely on Top Flight Automotive for Corvette Cabin Accessories

Shop with Top Flight Automotive to access incredible deals and a massive accessories selection. Our professionals are familiar with customization projects and guide you to the right add-ons for your vehicle when you need us. Ensure items will fit inside your ride when you browse by Corvette generation, submodel name and year.

Scan through our offerings online and purchase glow plates for your ‘Vette from our site!

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