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The C3 generation offers a thrilling behind-the-wheel driving experience. As the longest-running Corvette generation, Corvette produced these vehicles from 1968, and dominated the sports car market, through 1982. Featuring an elongated body, rally wheel designs and pop-up headlights, consumers are still obsessed with these vehicles today for their classic style and capabilities.

If you are lucky enough to own a C3, you can enjoy an LT1 small-block V8 engine, 370 horsepower ranges and exclusive interior styling. However, part of the satisfaction of owning a vintage Corvette is achieving factory and custom looks to suit your lifestyle and driving applications in the modern era. Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop-shop for C3 parts, hardware, seat covers and more.

Whether you just purchased a classic C3 or are looking to restore your favorite ride, no one carries a selection of Corvette seat components like Top Flight Automotive.

C3 Corvette Seat Backs

Top Flight Automotive reproduction parts meet or exceed the original specifications of the Chevrolet factory. Over time, C3 seat backs crack and separate from repeated use and weather conditions. However, Top Flight Automotive assists our customers with replacements for your C3 that match original interior colors. Simply fasten Top Flight Automotive seat backs to your current setup for a factory-fresh appearance.

C3 Corvette Seat Buckets for Sale

Top Flight Automotive offers exact reproductions of seat buckets seen during Chevrolet production years 1979-1982. Backs and bottoms have pre-drilled holes for easy installation along hinges, and you can select C3 original colors or paint-to-match options for custom restorations. We include seat foam mounting clips with C3 seat bucket orders at your convenience.

C3 Corvette Seat Belt Parts

Professionals at Top Flight Automotive cater to coupe and convertible Stingray models of the C3 generation. You will find the following seat belt replacement parts for restoring original components on our online store:

  • Retractable lap belts
  • Seat belt bolt kits
  • Corvette replacement non-retractable seat belts
  • Vertical mount single retractor seat belts
  • Seat belt inner sleeve kits
  • Corvette horizontal mount single retractor belts
  • Seat belt extenders

Several of our aftermarket seat belt parts feature Chevrolet logos on buckles for original styling. Here at Top Flight Automotive, we are dedicated to keeping you and your passengers safe while enjoying the open road.

C3 Corvette Seats and Hardware

If your C3 needs new seat frames, look no further than our online store. Depending on your preference, our experts offer 1963-1978 seat frame restoration services for reconditioning your factory C3 parts. We use a glass beading process to remove rust and dirt, and we repaint parts for a pristine appearance.

Additionally, we stock reproduction seat frames as a solution to bent or broken components that are beyond repair. Purchase sets with or without tracks based on your C3’s interior condition.

C3 Corvette Seats and Tracking

It is crucial to adjust your seat for comfort and visibility. Top Flight Automotive stocks steel replacement seat tracks for 1968-1978 Corvette models. Change your seat settings seamlessly with the following features:

  • Mounting bracket and release handle design
  • Back locking mechanism and channel for release strap assembly
  • Paint coating for preventing corrosion

Customers can discover refurbished tracks for Corvette vehicles 1968-1982 on our online store. Our restoration experts examine tracking strength and condition for proper functionality. We degrease, media blast, clean, clear-coat and lubricate refurbished tracks for long-lasting results.

C3 Corvette Aftermarket Seats

Top Flight Automotive brings customers aftermarket C3 seat foam and covers for your restoration efforts. Over time, your factory C3 interior can deteriorate and wear down, but we offer solutions for original and custom styling. Keep the following information in mind when shopping for aftermarket C3 covers:

  • 100% leather: These products feature our highest-grade genuine leather. Adding 100% leather seat covers to your C3 will upgrade interior features beyond Chevrolet factory specifications.
  • Leather-like: Products are made of our top-grade vinyl materials for extra durability. These covers resemble real-leather but serve as an affordable alternative.
  • Driver leather: A budget-friendly leather option available in black.
  • Vinyl blends: Achieve the look and feel of original Chevrolet production seating at a lower price point.

Customers can install C3 seat foam and covers on their own with a Top Flight Automotive installation kit. This provides you with all the hooks, wires and clips you need for a proper fitment.

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Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies which has been serving the Corvette community for over 40 years. Our experts are happy to help you find aftermarket seats compatible with your vehicle. For more information about C3 seat parts or to place an order, contact Top Flight Automotive today.

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