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The C4 Corvette generation might be over 30 years old, but there is no denying these vehicles offer a thrilling behind-the-wheel experience thanks to aerodynamic builds, powerful V8 engines and choices between standard, ZR-1, Anniversary and Grand Sport editions. If you want to keep your collector car in pristine condition, changing out your C4 Corvette dash pad is an easy way to impress anyone climbing inside the cabin area.

Those who take pride in their collector cars know the importance of a clean-looking dashboard. Whether your factory installation has dings and damage or is deteriorating due to sun exposure, Top Flight Automotive brings you everything you need to rebuild your C4 Corvette dash and instrument cluster. All of our selections are organized by make, model and year, ensuring orders drop into place without interior modifications.

Reproduction vs. Replacement Corvette Dashes

Drivers replace dash components for a variety of reasons. If you’re searching for an exact replica of what rolled out of the Chevrolet factory, we supply complete reproduction dashes inspired by OEM installations. The days of sorting through used dash pads are over thanks to options that feature vinyl and ABS outer skins for long-lasting restoration results.

Reproduction dash pads are ideal solutions for vehicles no longer in production. Treat your 1984-1993 C4 Corvette to the upgrade it deserves, showcasing reinforced structural layers and a durable foam core to soften minor impacts. Top Flight Automotive reproduction dashes are the closest you can get to a stock setup, helping you take first prize in judging competitions.

Use a C4 Corvette as a daily driver? Consider our budget-friendly replacement dash pads manufactured with tough urethane materials. Our replacement dash pads are visually similar to stock parts but are molded using alternative methods for a lower price point.

Shop C4 Dashboard Components From Trusted Companies

Top Flight Automotive knows long-lasting restoration results depend on high-quality components. We sell 1984-1996 C4 Corvette dash solutions from brands trusted by restoration experts in the community.

Shop our site to improve the interior surfaces of your Corvette’s cabin with listings from trusted names like Auto Accessories of America, Classic Car Dashes, Corvette America, Covercraft and General Motors.

Your Source for C4 Dashes and Related Parts

It used to be hard to find C4 Corvette dash replacements and surrounding trims for retired sport models. That’s why we stock multiple dash components on our site. Choose from the following components and others for your project:

  • C4 Corvette consoles and armrests
  • C4 Corvette console lids
  • C4 Corvette cup holders
  • C4 Corvette dashboard air vents
  • C4 Corvette dashboard assemblies
  • C4 Corvette dashboard covers
  • C4 Corvette dashboard panel brackets
  • C4 Corvette instrument cluster bezels

C4 Corvette Dashboard Replacement Vents

You use your cabin vents to direct warm or cool air throughout your vehicle. You count on them to help you stay comfortable, whether you’re on the road or the race track. When your OEM C4 vent mechanics stop working or their plastic sections break, shop our site for vent upgrades.

Top Flight Automotive sells replacement C4 air vents for fourth-generation sport models like the 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 Corvettes. Attach new vents in the OEM locations without altering the surfaces near your dashboard.

C4 Corvette Dash Pad Skins

Top Flight Automotive is home to¬†resurfacing skins¬†that install over your factory dash. If your original upper main section is peeling, adding a skin is a cost-effective way to cover cracks and fading surfaces. Rather than changing out the entire dash pad assembly, you can shield your Corvette’s interior surfaces until you are ready for a full replacement.

C4 Corvette dash pad skins fasten using adhesive sprays and mount in just minutes. Our listings cater to the exact shape of your 1984-1989 Corvette with pre-cut holes for speaker grilles and interior vents.

1984-1996 C4 Corvette Dash Panel Brackets

Structural pieces form the shape of your C4 dash assembly. Maybe your vehicle was in a collision or you recently had to repair your car’s frame. There might also come a time to replace your dash supports.

Shop our site for 1984-1996 C4 Corvette dash panel brackets. We save you the trouble of searching for dash panel structural supports. Get what you need to rebuild your Corvette’s dash assembly using reinforcement technology from General Motors. These structural supports are identical to OEM parts, so you know they’ll fit inside your cabin like a glove.

1984-1996 C4 Corvette Instrument Panel Parts

Drivers are constantly looking down at the speedometer when out on the race track. Professionals at Top Flight Automotive allow you to service your C4 Corvette instrument cluster with bezel replacements for 1984-1989 model years. Transform the spaces between fuel gauges, tachometers and more with our one-piece dash bezels that sit right above the steering wheel.

Top Flight Automotive C4 dash bezels arrive in black to complement your vehicle’s interior seating, carpets and mats. Components from Corvette America will improve the look of instrument panel gauges and your Corvette’s radio. The instrument panel bezels and plates clip into place like your OEM trims.

Buy C4 Corvette Dash Components From Top Flight Automotive

The Top Flight Automotive team is made up of Chevrolet enthusiasts just like you. Being part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, we pride ourselves on a history of serving Corvette fans for more than four decades. Browse our extensive inventory of C4 Corvette dashes today, and place your order to keep your restoration project right on schedule. 

If you have questions regarding C4 dash pad compatibility, complete a contact form online for help from one of our Corvette experts.

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