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Edelbrock Mustang Parts

When you own a Ford Mustang, you’re selective about the parts you buy. If you’re anything like us, you choose only the best products on the market for your vehicle. The experts at Top Flight Automotive want all your upgrade projects to exceed your expectations, so we stock various components from Edelbrock. Our selections help you elevate your vehicle’s performance because they encourage better operation than ever before.

Top Flight Automotive’s Edelbrock Mustang collection is full of performance parts, general maintenance items and systems for vehicles. Use our Edelbrock Mustang parts to ensure you have the most impressive ride on the race track.

About Edelbrock Upgrade Parts

Edelbrock dates back to the late 1930s. This auto manufacturer earned its incredible reputation by creating world-class replacement parts for vehicles sold throughout the United States. Edelbrock produces durable, affordable, and long-lasting parts for those who want to get the most for their money.

Fast-forward 80 years and Edelbrock still stands as one of the most trusted designers and distributors of aftermarket parts. The brand has grown, with Edelbrock opening multiple production locations throughout the country to ensure their Ford Mustang parts are readily available for collectors and restoration fans. Top Flight Automotive carries Edelbrock Mustang parts for various vehicle generations to ensure you can find USA-made components for your favorite coupes and convertibles.

We Help You Find the Edelbrock Mustang Parts You Need

Top Flight Automotive professionals make finding Edelbrock Mustang parts simple. You can use our helpful search tools to pinpoint what you’ve been searching for. All our Edelbrock products are split into main categories to narrow your search. Click on the parts, performance or tools and garage categories to explore more than 150 listings from this industry-leading manufacturer.

Few online retailers can compete with the growing Edelbrock collection on the Top Flight Automotive store. Most of our Edelbrock products are tailored for the Ford Mustang, but we also provide you with options for Chevrolet, Dodge, Oldsmobile and Pontiac models. Enter your vehicle’s name and model year to get started.

Why Choose Our Edelbrock Parts?

Edelbrock components give your vehicle a like-new appearance each time you open the hood. Impress sports car fanatics with numerous performance parts and systems made for your pony car. The main benefits of installing Edelbrock car parts include:

  • Installing high performance components without making major modifications to your car’s integrity.
  • Improving engine reliability with upgrades that help it breathe and cool appropriately.
  • Replacing original systems with modern technology.

Edelbrock Parts for All Your Mustang Needs

Most of the Edelbrock Mustang parts we sell install inside the engine compartment. Whether you’re dealing with deterioration under the hood or you want to boost your car’s performance capabilities, we have solutions for your driving applications. Trust Top Flight Automotive for Edelbrock Mustang products that ensure your stock engine has a consistent source of air and operates according to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications or beyond. Verify your Mustang’s production year before making a purchase to ensure compatibility.

Top Flight Automotive has a sales team available on call during our business hour to steer you toward bestselling Edelbrock Mustang parts for your release:

Edelbrock Supercharger Mustang Kits for Sale

Mustangs leave the Ford factory with loads of horsepower. However, stock configurations may leave you wishing for more power if you use your vehicle for racing competitions. Top Flight Automotive has Edelbrock supercharger Mustang kits for sale to help you bring your ride to the next level of performance. Use one of our supercharger bundles on S197 and S550 Mustangs to increase horsepower and available torque.

You can create a less obstructive path for cool air to make its way to the engine compartment. Achieve upwards of 690 horsepower with select kits. Every piece included with your bundle fits under the hood with zero need to cut into surfaces. Your kit arrives with detailed instructions and all required hardware for excellent results.

Most Edelbrock supercharger Mustang kits are legal for street use, though emission laws vary from state-to-state. Be sure to review our product descriptions to see the components included in each kit and their respective C.A.R.B. certification(s).

Edelbrock Mustang Water Pumps

Water pumps regulate the flow of coolant from your vehicle’s radiator throughout the engine to prevent overheating. Top Flight Automotive sells Edelbrock Mustang water pump replacements for a perfect fit on retired models, so pick up one of our polished assemblies for Classic, Mustang II orFoxbody Mustangs. Edelbrock water pumps are available for all submodels with production years spanning 1965 to 1993. 

Change out your original water pump so that your factory engine runs at a healthy temperature. Our water pump replacements showcase powdered metal impellers for the quickest flow rates possible. The outer housings consist of aluminum for optimal protection against rust.

Edelbrock Intake Manifold Replacements

Your Mustang’s intake manifold helps your engine breathe. The device delivers the right amount of air for internal fuel combustion so that your coupe or convertible operates correctly. If you’re going through fuel faster than usual, your vehicle may have a stock intake manifold issue.

If your Classic, Mustang II, Foxbody or SN95 model needs new parts, Top Flight Automotive is your source for Edelbrock intake manifold upgrades. Choose aluminum intake manifolds that bolt onto your vehicle out of the box. Whether you drive your Mustang each day or use it on the track, our staff makes sure you have a vast selection of intake manifolds to meet your performance requirements. Browse several Performer Series products made by Edelbrock for groundbreaking Mustang models engineered from 1965 to the early 2000s.

Buy Your Edelbrock Mustang Parts From Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive has the Mustang parts you need from innovative manufacturers. We add new Edelbrock components for all six vehicle generations regularly, so visit our site often. Whether you’re fixing up a Classic model or customizing an aggressive S550 Mustang, Top Flight Automotive has the product selection, sales experience and low prices you need to complete your project.

Order our Edelbrock components at your earliest convenience. For more information about Edelbrock Mustang listings, contact us online now.

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