C3 Chevrolet Corvette Headlight Opening Door Actuator Kit

C3 Headlight Opening Door Actuator Kit

The Corvette took the automotive world by storm when Chevrolet unveiled this classic American sports car more than 65 years ago. Since its first appearance as a show car at the 1953 General Motors Motorama, it’s been a wildly popular choice of car enthusiasts in the United States and around the world. The Corvette’s introduction was such a success that GM quickly ramped up its mass-production scale to meet the demands of eager buyers. 

GM and Chevrolet have launched eight different Corvette generations over the years. The third incarnation of the ‘Vette, known as C3, reigned from 1968 to 1982. These vehicles carried over the C2 chassis and engine but featured an all-new body and interior design. Chevrolet patterned the design after the Mako Shark II concept car it previously introduced in 1964. The 1969-1976 C3 Corvettes also carried the Stingray name, although this time it consisted of one word instead of the previous “Sting Ray” spelling.

Are you the proud owner of a classic C3 model? Are you looking for a reliable aftermarket parts supplier? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Top Flight Automotive, we carry a vast inventory of Corvette parts to keep your car riding smoothly and looking great. Our selection features products for every inch of your vehicle, including a C3 headlight actuator.

What Does a Headlight Actuator Do?

A headlight actuator is probably something you don’t think much about — until it fails and needs replacing. Actuators perform the essential function of controlling your headlights’ positioning. The actuator and its attached motor cause the movable headlights on a C3 Corvette to open and close when you turn them on or off. 

Here are some symptoms of a malfunctioning C3 headlight actuator:

  • The headlight doors won’t open, preventing you from driving your ‘Vette at night.
  • The headlight doors remain stuck in the open position.
  • The doors only partially open or close.
  • The doors operate erratically. You might notice them opening or closing on their own.
  • You hear grinding noises when operating the headlights, which likely indicates the actuator motor is failing.

Your One-Stop Source for C3 Headlight Opening Door Actuator Kits

Top Flight Automotive offers the most extensive portfolio of Corvette aftermarket parts in the world. We’re your one-stop resource for all types of C3 Corvette headlight parts, including complete actuator replacement kits. You’ll have everything you need to replace the factory-installed OEM vacuum actuator with a more reliable electric system that can operate without the vehicle running. 

Each C3 electric headlight door kit contains a pair of actuators, a control module and all the mounting brackets and hardware. You’ll get what you need to do the job yourself instead of spending a fortune at a repair garage that specializes in Corvettes.

Quality Aftermarket Parts From Leading Manufacturers

We believe your classic Corvette deserves the best replacement parts. That’s why we only sell headlight actuators from leading manufacturers with a stellar reputation for quality, reliability and durability:

  • Detroit Speed: All Detroit Speed products feature state-of-the-art technologies that will bring your C3 Corvette into the 21st century. Before entering the market, Detroit Speed parts must prove their worth in test cars that travel to car shows and log thousands of miles on extended road trips. 
  • Corvette America: These proprietary aftermarket Corvette parts have demonstrated their value over more than four decades. 

Our expert sales staff can help you choose the ideal C3 Corvette headlight parts for your vehicle. And if you’re having trouble finding a specific part that’s not in our inventory, we’ll be happy to source it for you.

C3 Headlight Actuator Accessories

Top Flight Automotive also carries a wide assortment of accessories you might need to complete your headlight actuator replacement job:

  • Links
  • Link pins
  • Dust boots
  • Rod seals
  • Seal retainer rings
  • Link springs
  • Actuator supports

These inexpensive but essential parts can ensure your project goes smoothly and that your actuator performs to your expectations.

About Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies that have been offering high-quality aftermarket automotive parts since 1977. You can trust our decades of experience providing superior products that will keep your classic car running smoothly and retaining its great looks and unique style. Our professional sales staff offers more than 175 years of combined expertise — we speak fluent Corvette! Trust us to have the right answers to all your ‘Vette-related questions and issues.

Other reasons to choose us for C3 headlight actuators and other Corvette parts include:

  • Affordability: Our everyday MSRP prices won’t break your budget, and our online sale prices can help you save even more. We’ll also match our competitors’ prices, ensuring you won’t pay more than you should for parts.
  • Email promotions: Another excellent way to reduce your Corvette parts costs is by signing up to receive our email promotions containing numerous money-saving offers and deals.
  • Fast service: Do you need your parts in a hurry? Most of our items are in stock and ready to ship on the same day you order them. We also ship overseas every day.
  • No minimum orders: With Top Flight Automotive, you never have to worry about meeting restrictive minimum ordering requirements. Purchase as many or as few parts as you need.
  • Loyalty program: The more parts you buy with us, the more money you can save. Our tiered loyalty program helps you earn larger discounts as your buying volume increases. It’s our way of thanking you for being a repeat customer. 
  • Excellent service: The customer always comes first at Top Flight Automotive. We’ll do whatever it takes to maximize your experience, whether you shop online, by phone or in person.

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