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Both Chevy and Ford enthusiasts spend hours in the garage with restoration projects. Whether you’re a fan of classic Corvettes or you spend your time customizing vintage Mustangs, you require high-quality components, exterior pieces and performance parts to ensure your collector car lives up to your expectations. Here at Top Flight Automotive, we introduce you to brand-name products from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, including Detroit Speed, Inc. 

Top Flight Automotive enables you to re-imagine your Corvette or Mustang from the ground up with access to interior and exterior equipment on our online store. Browse our inventory by your vehicle’s model year to see how you can bring your classic ride into the modern era with upgrades such as:

Detroit Speed Windshield Wiper Parts for Corvette and Mustang Vehicles

Top Flight Automotive carries several wiring kits engineered for 1963-1982 Corvette model years. Discover windshield wiper upgrade parts that help you see when stuck in a sudden rainstorm. There is virtually no need to modify your C2 or C3 wiring harness, as products by Detroit Speed include all necessary switches, aluminum plates and adapters for a smooth installation.

Upgraded windshield wiper motors and parts can be easily removed and do not require cutting or splicing connections, helping maintain the collector and resale value of your vehicle. Finally, a sudden downpour of rain no longer ruins the fun. Most of our Detroit Speed windshield wiper kits enable you to change between seven different speeds. Wash or clean your windows on the road with windshield wiper kits compatible with multiple Corvette and Mustang generations:

Detroit Speed Headers for Vintage Mustangs

Want to boost performance under the hood of your first-generation Mustang? Top Flight Automotive is home to stainless steel headers ideal for 1964-1970 releases. Control unwanted back pressure from the engine compartment with options that fit Boss 302 and Coyote builds.

Detroit Speed headers give your vintage Mustang a clean appearance and guide exhaust gases through four separate openings. Swap out your original exhaust manifold for a bolt-on installation compatible with the Detroit Speed Aluma-Frames and engine mount kits available through our online store. Stainless steel header materials last for years since surfaces are naturally rust-resistant. Other benefits of Detroit Speed performance headers include:

  • A noticeable difference in top speeds.
  • Gas mileage improvements.
  • An authentic track car appearance under the hood.
  • A low-maintenance exhaust upgrade.

Corvette and Mustang Performance Suspension Kits

When drivers think of performance, the mind usually goes to acceleration, exhaust parts and exterior attachments. However, it’s impossible to achieve a smooth behind-the-wheel experience without a functional suspension system. That’s why Top Flight Automotive stocks Detroit Speed Corvette and Mustang suspension bundles to help your vehicle adapt to sudden changes for daily driving and racing applications.

Detroit Speed suspension equipment includes springs, shocks and upright components that withstand anything you dish out in a high-speed setting. Suspension bundles are fully adjustable and allow you to set specific ride heights according to your preference. If you need assistance selecting a Detroit Speed suspension kit for your Corvette or Mustang, the professionals at Top Flight Automotive will take your call during normal business hours to steer you in the right direction.

Edit your vehicle’s front or rear suspension system with Detroit Speed suspension parts from Top Flight Automotive. Depending on which kit you pick, you can enhance your Corvette or Mustang with 6 inches of suspension travel for racing. Respond to anything on the track when you choose one of our all-aluminum suspension bundles for vehicles that have been retired for decades.

Headlight Door Kits for Chevy Corvettes

Do you drive a 1963-1982 Corvette? You’re probably familiar with the pop-up headlight designs that come as standard equipment. If your original headlight doors stop working, Detroit Speed makes electric headlight door kits for consistent opening and closing. Top Flight Automotive provides you with Detroit Speed headlights that are more reliable than factory installations. Our bundles require few modifications and adjustments to work correctly.

Detroit Speed headlight door kits get rid of the vacuum-actuated technology the Chevy factory used during production. Top Flight Automotive enables you to upgrade headlight doors to a fully electronic setup at an affordable price. Activate headlight doors even when your engine is off. When you buy Detroit Speed packages, you receive everything necessary for installation, including a control module and mounting brackets. Headlight kits are compatible with specific years:

Detroit Speed Engine Mount Kits

If you’re upgrading your Mustang suspension, it’s vital to make sure your vehicle’s engine stays safe. Detroit Speed’s engine mount kits position small- and big-block engines within the Aluma-Frame setup. Adjust front suspension pieces without putting your stock engine build in the line of fire. Top Flight Automotive sets you up with all the hardware required to secure engines seen throughout the Classic Mustang era.

Leave space between Aluma-Frame suspension components and Ford engines, including Windsor and LE V8s. Detroit Speed engine mount kits are the finishing touch for your custom suspension project, and the kits available through Top Flight Automotive are hassle-free to install with all the washers, nuts and screws you’ll need. Mounting brackets add little weight to your Ford Mustang.

Detroit Speed Power Steering Hoses for Mustangs

Power steering hoses allow you to change the direction of vehicle tires easily. These connections run from the main steering fluid reservoir on your vehicle to a steering rack and pump. Ideally, power steering hoses are free of leaks, as the channels rely on pressure to transfer steering fluid from point A to point B. You’ll know that you have a problem with power steering hoses if it takes extra effort to move the wheel or you see puddles beneath your vehicle.

Top Flight Automotive supplies you with Detroit Speed power steering hoses for Classic, Foxbody, SN95 and New Edge Mustangs for your restoration convenience. Our offerings exceed the specifications of factory original hoses. Detroit Speed power steering hoses consist of the highest quality stainless steel materials, and your purchases are Teflon-lined to maintain steady pressure. Place an order according to your Mustang’s model year:

Order Detroit Speed Equipment at Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive brings Chevrolet and Ford fanatics the largest product portfolio of Corvette and Mustang parts online. We encourage you to check back often, as we’re always adding new Detroit Speed parts and other premium merchandise for vehicles of the past and present. 

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies with ties to the Corvette and Mustang communities extending more than four decades. Purchase your Detroit Speed equipment from us today, or fill out a contact form for more information about our products and services.

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