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Since 1977, Van Steel has created countless parts and accessories for notable Chevy vehicles. If you’re looking for the best parts for your ride, you can trust Top Flight Automotive’s expanding collection of Van Steel products that you can use to take your muscle car to the next level. From rebuilt wheel bearings to complete suspension kits, our experts stock impressive solutions for retired models and the latest releases from the Corvette brand. Shop our store 24/7/365 to find replacement parts at unbeatable prices.

About Our Corvette Van Steel Parts for Sale

Top Flight Automotive carries Corvette Van Steel parts and systems for C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 and C7 generations. We have all of our products categorized by model year for a compatible fit on your vehicle. You can narrow down which products you see onscreen when you utilize our helpful search tools. You can even filter results based on vehicle model, component category or price point.

All Van Steel products are engineered to restore your muscle car to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications or beyond. This Florida-based manufacturer is known worldwide for creating parts that install on Corvettes with minimal need for modifications. Make your vehicle drive better than it did when it was new when you order Van Steel technology from Top Flight Automotive.

The Benefits of Purchasing Van Steel Parts From Top Flight Automotive

Our staff works hard to fill our store with industry-leading products for Corvettes. Many of the Van Steel Corvette suspension bundles and performance parts you see online are in stock and available for same-day shipping for orders placed by 2pm EST.

There’s a reason Corvette enthusiasts choose Van Steel parts for vehicles from the past and present era. Benefits of our Chevrolet Corvette Van Steel selections include:

  1. You can view compatible model years within each product description.
  2. Van Steel products are manufactured in the United States.
  3. We ship in-stock orders faster than the competition.
  4. Our sales representatives honor price matching on Van Steel offerings.

C2 Corvette Van Steel Trailing Arm Assemblies

Original Sting Rays are worth a pretty penny today, and Top Flight Automotive supplies you with Van Steel parts to keep your split-window coupe or convertible up and running.

Replace suspension hardware pieces and trailing arm assemblies with the help of our team. Trailing arm assemblies make a pivot point for suspension connections and prevent axles from shifting forward or backward. With Top Flight Automotive, you can change out worn suspension components for rebuilt or all-new trailing arms and bearings.

Some of our upgrade C2 trailing arms are designed to accept larger tires compared to stock installations. Ensure your vehicle’s weight is evenly distributed for a smooth drive year-round. Most Van Steel trailing arm assemblies are epoxy-painted for an exceptional presentation.

C3 Corvette Van Steel Wheel Bearing Assemblies

Third-generation Corvettes are widely popular for their shark-like exteriors. The C3 series brought us LT1 small-block V8s with plenty of power as well as celebratory Collector’s Edition models. To ensure you get the most out of your ride, Top Flight Automotive sells numerous wheel bearing assemblies from Van Steel.

Properly setup wheel bearing assemblies are critical to your Corvette’s reliability. When your bearings wear out, replace them with Van Steel’s offerings made to exceed OEM standards. Van Steel C3 wheel bearings (and trailing arm assemblies) ship with silver backing plates for 1965-74, and gold for 1975-82. Need a hub assembly with pre-indexed rotor? We’ve got that – select options arrive with rotors pre-indexed for runout for a seamless upgrade on your vehicle.

C4 Corvette Van Steel Suspension Struts

Your 1984-1996 Corvette suspension system is still an engineering marvel. When your original components need replacement, you can rely on Top Flight Automotive for brand new components to maintain or upgrade your C4. Van Steel kits are available for the road or track, with everything you need to reduce premature tire wear and boost handling response.

C5 Chevrolet Corvette Van Steel Products

Top Flight Automotive will help you achieve the best behind-the-wheel experience in your fifth-generation Corvette. Our store is home to multiple sway bar products brought to you by Van Steel. Their powder-coated sway bars that come complete with new brackets & bushings to bolt onto your Corvette. Some C5 sway bars from Van Steel enable you to choose between different mounting configurations to alter overall stiffness.

Get an aftermarket sway bar upgrade for base models, Grand Sport, ZR1 and Z06 Corvettes only through Top Flight Automotive.

C6 Corvette Van Steel Suspension Kits

Picking up a complete suspension upgrade kit from our store is the easiest way to improve handling response and ride quality for road or track – and everything in between! Our experts stock Van Steel suspension bundles for drivers with all levels of customization experience. 

Choose entry-level or advanced track suspension packages that come with components like adjustable sway bars, front and rear springs, adjustable shocks and bushings for 2005-2013 models. Review our product descriptions to see what will arrive with your purchase and start planning your upgrade project immediately.

C7 Corvette Van Steel Coilovers

Top Flight Automotive’s inventory is always expanding with new product selections for seventh-generation Corvettes. We supply racing fans with all sorts of upgrade components, including coilover technology by Van Steel. Lower your C7’s center of gravity to corner better while on the track. Our upgrade suspension parts are perfect for fine-tuning seventh-generation series releases offering more than 700 horsepower.

Purchase Van Steel Products From the Top Flight Automotive Store

The professionals at Top Flight Automotive ensure you have a vast product selection covering all Corvette generations. We bring you aftermarket parts and upgrades from the finest manufacturers in the automotive industry so that your muscle car lives up to your expectations. Top Flight Automotive will ship your items to your home or business address, and when you order from us, you get an unmatched level of customer service.

There are no minimum order requirements when you shop with Top Flight Automotive, so place your order for Van Steel products today. If you have questions about product specs, contact our sales staff for details.

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