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The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the most enduring American-made automobiles. The first ‘Vette, a gleaming white convertible with a bold red interior, appeared as a concept car in January 1953 at the General Motors Motorama in New York City. Although Chevrolet slated the Corvette for mass release in early 1954, the show generated so much enthusiasm that General Motors and Chevy pushed the date up to June 30, 1953. 

Why Your C3 Stands Out

Chevy has produced eight Corvette generations over the years. The third generation, which encompassed the 1968-1982 model years, represented the longest era in the Corvette’s nearly 70-year history. Essentially, the first C3 models included the same engine and chassis as the previous generation with a redesigned body and interior. The 1969-1976 Corvettes also carried the “Stingray” moniker, a slight modification of the “Sting Ray” spelling popularized from 1963 to 1967.  

Notable C3-era innovations included:

  • 1968: The first C3 carried over elements like removable T-top panels to complement coupe and convertible designs.
  • 1970: Chevrolet introduced LT-1 small-block and 454 big-block engines.
  • 1976: The manufacturer unveiled steel floor panels and new aluminum-alloy wheels.
  • 1978: Chevrolet released a special-edition Indy 500 Pace Car with sports seats and front and rear spoilers that the company integrated into the 1979 models.
  • 1982: The generation’s final year offered a cross-fire, fuel-injected L83 engine and an automatic overdrive transmission.

GM produced 542,741 C3 Corvettes. Sales peaked in 1979 when drivers bought 53,807 units.

Top Flight Automotive Can Meet All Your C3 Corvette Parts Needs

Are you looking for a reliable source for C3 Corvette aftermarket parts and components? You’ve come to the right place. Based in Reedsville, PA, Top Flight Automotive carries a vast selection of Corvette products for every generation. You’ll find everything you need to make your Corvette vision a reality. You’ll also receive excellent service from a team that speaks fluent Corvette. 

Choose Us for C3 Corvette Steering Wheels

A steering wheel plays a prominent role in your vehicle’s handling and contributes to your Corvette’s interior style. Top Flight Automotive offers an extensive selection of C3 aftermarket steering wheels designed specifically for your car. Whether you own a 1968 or 1982 ‘Vette, we stock the steering wheel replacements you need to elevate your driving experience. Our listings feature the unique three-spoke design that adds a distinct and stylish touch to your vintage automobile’s cabin. 

Select From an Assortment of High-Quality Materials

Do you prefer the look and feel of wood as you grip your steering wheel? Are you a fan of leather and the touch of elegance it brings to your vehicle’s interior? At Top Flight Automotive, we can provide a C3 steering wheel in either of these attractive, durable options. 

Car enthusiasts love mahogany wood wheels for their stylish wood grain patterns and excellent water and moisture resistance. Our leather products offer a nonslip grip and feel soft in your hands. If you like both materials, a leather and mahogany combination wheel is also available. 

What Color Would You Like Your C3 Interior Wheel to Be?

Because the steering wheel is one of the most prominent features in any automobile, choosing the right color is crucial. Whether you want to stay with your current steering wheel’s color or try something different, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our inventory. Are you unsure which shade fits your vehicle the best? Browse our selection until a beloved hue catches your eye.  

Our wide range of color choices includes standard options like black, gray, white and green. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider shades such as cinnabar, doeskin, saffron or camel. When you replace stock components with aftermarket upgrades, you can customize your cabin for a car all your own.

Other C3 Corvette Steering Wheel Parts Are Available

Besides steering wheels, our vast inventory contains other parts you may need to complete your installation projects, including hubs and screws. You’ll also find various horn components like buttons, contacts, contact rings and ring bolts. If you need to fix a broken or malfunctioning horn contact, order our complete repair kit with essential parts and accessories such as brush insulators, screws, shims and spacers. 

C3 Interior Wheels From Trusted Manufacturers

If you’re like most Corvette owners, you only want the best parts for your cherished automobile. Our steering wheel products come from aftermarket parts manufacturers with stellar reputations for quality, reliability, performance and longevity. These well-known companies include Corvette America, Trim Parts and Auto Accessories of America, so you can select your new steering wheel with complete confidence.

We’re Available to Help

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies. This group has delivered exceptional service to the Corvette community for over four decades. What’s more, our sales professionals bring more than 175 combined years of automotive sales experience to the job every day. We want to share our knowledge with you. If you’re unsure which C3 steering wheel is compatible with your vehicle, our team will be happy to offer our input. We can also provide valuable tips for a smooth, seamless installation.

Why Make Us Your Corvette Parts Partner?

Top Flight Automotive offers much more than superior products and unrivaled Corvette expertise, including:

  • Low prices to minimize your repair or restoration project’s costs.
  • Many items feature sale prices well below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). 
  • Money-saving offers and promotions via our free email newsletter.
  • A tiered loyalty program that leads to more discounts.
  • Price matching with our competitors to ensure you get the best value for your money.
  • Same-day domestic shipping of in-stock items.
  • Daily overseas shipping to serve our international customer base.
  • Fast, secure 24-hour ordering for your convenience.

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