C3 Chevrolet Corvette Exhaust System Kit

The third-generation Corvette (C3) saw production by Chevrolet from 1968 through 1982. Serving as the longest-running line of Corvette vehicles to date, fans adore the C3 for signature body styling, rally wheel designs and distinct characteristics inside and out. One of the most unique aspects of the C3 Corvette is the notion that Chevrolet honed in on a racing look and feel with ZR1 packages, LT1 small-block V8 engines and models with over 370 horsepower.

If you want to get the most out of your C3 Stingray, look no further than Top Flight Automotive for aftermarket exhaust parts and systems. As the largest manufacturer and supplier of Corvette parts anywhere, our experts bring you exactly what you need for large and small restoration projects. Browse the Top Flight Automotive online store for dual exhaust systems, side pipe kits and more.


Replacing or restoring your Corvette's exhaust system is crucial for the functionality of your sports car. Depending on use, components may rust, break apart or sound louder than usual. Replacing part or all of your C3 exhaust system allows your engine to breathe more efficiently, providing you with additional power.

With the help of a Top Flight Automotive sales representative, we can steer you in the right direction toward exhaust parts and systems to keep your C3 on the road for generations to come.


A variety of C3 Corvette models were released with dual exhaust systems for improving fuel economy and engine horsepower. During 1968-1974, Chevrolet production runs made the C3 roar with split configurations engineered for a true racing sound. At Top Flight Automotive, we supply dual exhaust system replacements with the secondary pipe welded to the muffler for a stock fitment and smooth installation process.

Customers can choose between factory-style round mufflers or low profile setups before checkout.


Trying to achieve the look of a side-mounted exhaust? Top Flight Automotive carries the tools and supplies necessary for a full restoration or conversion project. Swap out stock components of your C3 with a 1968-1974 side exhaust pipe kit on our online store.

Side exhaust bundles include the following for your restoration and conversion efforts:

  • 2-inch or 2.5-inch aluminized pipes
  • Paint-to-match side exhaust covers
  • All necessary hardware for attaching exhaust parts


Cat-back exhaust systems refer to all of the components running after the catalytic converter. At Top Flight Automotive, we make Corvette restorations simple with options for purchasing pipes and mufflers together.

Discover cat-back exhaust systems for your C3 make, model and year featuring the same fitment and components as complete systems. Cat-back kits provide you with compatible pipes and mufflers for your Corvette from the catalytic converter back. If your original exhaust manifold and catalytic converter still function properly, consider a cat-back solution for the second half of your C3 exhaust chain.


Top Flight Automotive understands that some restoration and upgrade projects call for individual components. Instead of swapping out an entire Corvette exhaust system, customers can purchase C3 exhaust parts and accessories to get their favorite sports car back on the road. Working with Top Flight Automotive, you can find the following exhaust pieces for a C3 stock or custom fitment:

  • Rear filler panels
  • Muffler hangers
  • Aluminized mufflers
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • A.I.R. pumps
  • Chambered exhaust systems
  • Tips and bezels
  • And more

C3 Corvette Side Exhausts Kits

The C3 Corvette is one of the most beloved vehicle generations from Chevrolet. Consumers around the world quickly became obsessed with the all-new body redesign at the time, and this sports car dominated the market beginning in 1968 and extending all the way through its final year in 1982. Designers at Chevrolet channeled everything enthusiasts were looking for in one package, including racing-inspired paint jobs, chrome styling and a sound you could hear coming from a mile away.

If you're a lucky owner of a C3, when was the last time you checked out the condition of your exhaust system? Select factory setups are now 50 years old, so there is a good chance your favorite ride is in need of an exhaust repair or replacement. Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop shop for Corvette parts, and we'll guide you in the right direction toward a compatible upgrade for your vehicle.

C3 Corvette Exhaust System Build Options

Chevrolet made slight changes to the C3 lineup throughout its nearly 15-year history. Whether you're looking to change your exhaust configuration or increase power and efficiency, our professionals take the time to stock our inventory with everything you need from industry-leading manufacturers.

At Top Flight Automotive, we understand that no two Corvette owners are exactly the same. Some drivers like the roaring sounds of the race track while others enjoy a quiet cruise down the freeway. We'll set you up for success with exhaust systems engineered for small-block and big-block engine builds including:

  • 427 C3 models
  • 454 C3 models
  • L-82 C3 models
  • And more!

We've got C3 exhaust systems made of aluminum and stainless steel pipes for long-lasting restorations you can trust.

C3 Corvette Side Exhaust Kits: What's Included in Our Kits?

Corvette fans remember the iconic side exhausts found exclusively during 1969. If your C3 contains a stock side exhaust setup, know that your collector vehicle is extremely rare. Top Flight Automotive carries side exhaust kits that enable you to transform a standard setup with a few basic welds.

Our side exhaust kits are engineered in the United States by Sweet Thunder. Choose between "Super Quiet" and "Loud" builds with your preference of 304 stainless steel or aluminized steel construction. We encourage you to click through our online store to see what your car could become, as these products are specially made for 1968-1974 C3 Corvettes and come with the following:

  • Exhaust pipes (may require manifold or header upgrade)
  • Reproduction metal covers
  • All necessary mounting hardware

C3 Corvette Exhaust Kit Components

Looking to keep your traditional exhaust system? Top Flight Automotive is proud to bring customers cost-friendly replacements featuring original round muffler shapes and oval upgrades for a low profile appearance. We allow you to shop for exhaust parts individually, but purchasing complete kits by Flowmaster and Auto Accessories of America is a proactive way to ensure all components fit together properly.

What all do you get with your order? A number of our aftermarket exhaust system kits arrive with the following:

  • Header pipe flanges: Work to keep exhaust pipes attached to the outlets on your Corvette's manifold.
  • Clamps: Secure exhaust pipes across high-stress areas underneath the vehicle.
  • Mufflers: Help to control noise levels of your C3. 1968-1982 Corvette models are equipped with two mufflers.
  • Catalytic converters: Reduce the amount of toxic emissions entering the atmosphere.

Order Your C3 Aftermarket Exhaust at Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive separates itself from the competition by being the largest manufacturer and supplier of Corvette parts anywhere. We're proud to be part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies showing a strong dedication to the Corvette community for over 40 years. If you need assistance with our C3 exhaust systems, complete a contact form online for more information!

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