C5 Corvette Weatherstripping

C5 Corvette Weatherstrip Kits

Sports car fans from around the world remember the day Chevrolet first announced the C5 Corvette. This vehicle series stood as a complete departure from the previous C4 generation, as the Corvette received a facelift in just about every area. Seen on the market from 1997 to 2004, fifth-generation Corvette models appealed to all age groups thanks to new exterior shapes, LS1 engine setups and rear suspension systems placed between back-end wheels.

C5 Corvettes are mean-looking vehicles that still hold up today in terms of performance. Some stock releases offer drivers over 300 horsepower for endless possibilities relating to engine customization. Chevrolet pushed the production of these models to match consumer demands of the 1990s and early 2000s, so the fifth-generation series is an affordable way to get behind the wheel of a sports car.

If you’re restoring an aggressive C5 variant, you must have durable weatherstripping to defend against moisture, storms and more. Visit the Top Flight Automotive online store for C5 Corvette weatherstripping products by Corvette America, Auto Accessories of America and General Motors.

The Value of C5 Corvette Weatherstripping

The C5 Corvette series is popular within the Chevrolet world because of the number of options consumers had when visiting dealerships. In just seven years, the Corvette was available in coupe, convertible, Z06, 50th Anniversary styles and other models. This variety means one C5 Corvette will look unique compared to another model.

C5 Corvette weatherstrip kits and moldings allow you to keep your favorite ride in mint condition inside and out. Instead of letting water, debris and road noise enter the cabin, you can create a tight seal around the exterior of your Corvette. This weatherstripping helps to protect door liners, interior carpets, seats and dash surfaces from premature wear.

Changing out C5 weatherstripping is easy to do, and completing the project can add years to your Corvette’s life.

Do I Need New C5 Corvette Weatherstripping?

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) weatherstripping can last for a few years or decades, depending on your driving applications. The first C5 Corvettes left the production factory over 20 years ago, so temperature changes, filth or wildlife might have caused deterioration. 

Walk around your vehicle to see if you notice the following warning signs your current weatherstripping calls for replacement:


  • Road noise is loud inside the cab.
  • Puddles or water droplets form inside doors, windows and convertible tops.
  • Cabin heat or air conditioning escapes quickly.
  • You can hear air whistling at high speeds.
  • Weatherstripping has cracks and punctures.
  • Sealants feel dry to the touch and break apart.
  • OEM weatherstripping pulls off the car.

C5 Corvette Weatherstripping Products at Top Flight Automotive

The experts at Top Flight Automotive want to prevent water and contaminants from infiltrating your C5’s cab. Our extensive inventory is home to C5 Corvette weatherstrip kits and pieces for all 1997-2004 body styles. Whether you tear up the track in a Z06 or bust out your Anniversary variant for special occasions, our offerings prepare your vehicle for all weather conditions.

Choose from coupe and convertible C5 weatherstripping products in categories such as:


  • C5 Corvette complete weatherstrip kits
  • C5 back glass weatherstripping
  • C5 convertible top seals
  • C5 door seals
  • C5 hood seals
  • C5 trunk lid seals

1999-2004 C5 Corvette Weatherstrip Kits

Do you want to replace all of your vehicle’s exterior weatherstripping at once? Top Flight Automotive brings customers hardtop and convertible top weatherstrip bundles to close off gaps sitting by the hood, doors, side windows, trunk lid and beyond. Reproduction C5 Corvette weatherstrip kits arrive in 11-piece (hardtop) and seven-piece (convertible top) sets in the same dimensions and thicknesses as OEM installations.

Complete your restoration project without doing guesswork. Line up your weatherstripping sections based on the diagram included with your order for a pristine fit. We recommend purchasing one of our weatherstrip adhesive products for clean results.

1997-2004 C5 Corvette Back Glass and Hatch Weatherstripping

Your C5 Corvette has a convenient trunk opening for storage. If water coats interior carpets behind the driver’s seat, your vehicle calls for updated C5 rear window moldings and trunk lid seals.

Top Flight Automotive is proud to offer C5 Corvette hatch weatherstripping products from Auto Accessories of America. Upgrade your 1997-2004 back-end seals with listings made of strong synthetic rubber. Hatch-style sealants ideal for coupe builds, and these installations are essential for long trips when you might haul luggage, food and other belongings.

1998-2004 C5 Convertible Weatherstripping

The C5 convertible’s soft top is a lifesaver during sudden storms. With the help of Top Flight Automotive, you can update all sides of your 1998-2004 attachment for maximum cabin protection. Place an order for left- and right-side sections as you see fit. All soft-top weatherstrip pieces are available individually for restoration flexibility.

1997-2004 C5 Corvette Door Weatherstrip Sections

Select C5 Corvettes can reach speeds close to 200 mph. This capability means tight door seals are necessary to silence the cabin from winds and your roaring LS1 engine. Top Flight Automotive carries C5 Corvette door seals so you can hear music or engage in conversation with passengers for a comfortable driving experience.

Our Corvette America products are compatible with fifth-generation Corvette coupes and Z06 releases. You can replace door main weatherstripping separately or purchase driver- and passenger-side kits together for one low price.

Get C5 Corvette Weatherstripping Products at Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive staff members encourage drivers to navigate our online store regularly for the latest product arrivals. Aside from being the largest manufacturer of Corvette parts anywhere, we’re always adding new products from world-class brands to our inventory. We only recommend parts, accessories and upgrades that we would use ourselves, which is just one way we go above and beyond for our customers.

When you order from us, you’re getting C5 window moldings and weatherstrip products from a reputable source. Top Flight Automotive partners with the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, a group that has built its legacy in the Corvette community over four decades. Shop our C5 Corvette weatherstrip listings and submit a contact form with questions.

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