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C5 Corvette Headlights

If you are looking to enter the Corvette world, now is the perfect time to find an excellent deal on a C5. The C5 Corvette experienced production runs by Chevrolet from 1997-2004, but this vehicle generation was far ahead of its time with coupe and convertible builds, LS1 V8 engines and 400 horsepower in later models. Getting behind the wheel of a sleek C5 is truly one of the most affordable ways to break into the sports car community without sacrificing torque and handling capabilities.

Whether you are searching for a fun restoration project or a reliable daily driver, Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop shop for Corvette parts and accessories. From interiors, exteriors, performance components and beyond, our experts cater to the C5 generation to keep these iconic vehicles on the road for years. The C5 Corvette not only packs a punch under the hood but can mold to your lifestyle and driving applications with customization options, upgrades and more on our online store.

C5 Corvette Signature Headlights

Why is the Corvette world obsessed with the C5 generation? Even though these releases are over 20 years old, the C5 was the last modern Corvette body build to feature signature pop-up headlights. With a simple flick of a switch, the hood area of these vehicles transforms from a flat surface to something entirely unique in a matter of seconds.

Corvette fans recognize pop-up headlights as these installations arrived stock on all Chevrolet production runs spanning from the C1-C5. However, what used to be a standard feature on all Corvettes is now something classic collectors miss on newer C6, C7 and C8 models that showcase mounted headlights. For drivers trying to achieve top speeds of over 170 mph with a balance of classic and modern styling, the C5 Corvette is the way to go.

C5 Corvette Headlight Components

Regardless if you just acquired a C5 Corvette or your favorite ride has been in your garage for years, you require functional interior and exterior lighting for safety, security and communication purposes. Specifically, the headlight region of your vehicle enables you to travel during evening hours, inclement weather and foggy conditions. As one of the most frequently used parts of a vehicle, drivers often forget to inspect it until they experience obstructed visibility.

Corvette headlights help you navigate your vehicle and also alert other drivers of your presence on the road. Instead of having a “winking” C5 front end, browse the Top Flight Automotive online store for everything you need for crystal clear headlights. For your shopping convenience, we stock the following headlight components for the C5 generation:

  • Headlight bezels
  • Fog lamps
  • Headlight motors and gears
  • Actuator control modules
  • Headlight motor rebuild kits
  • Headlight assemblies
  • Headlight lenses
  • Bulbs (high beam/low beam)
  • Headlight door brackets
  • Turn signal lights
  • And more

When to Replace Your C5 Corvette Headlights

The headlights on your C5 Corvette help keep you safe on the road and impact your car’s look. Because headlights are exposed to direct sunlight, fluctuating temperatures, moisture and other external elements, it’s easy for yellowing and cracks to develop. If you clean your headlights regularly and you’re still having issues with them, replacement may be the best option.

The most obvious sign that it’s time to replace your C5 Corvette headlights is when the road in front of you looks partially or totally dark when you drive at night. This signal likely indicates that one or both of your headlights are out. 

If you notice your headlights are dimmer than usual, your bulb could be nearing the end of its service life. It’s a good idea to get ahead of the problem and purchase replacement bulbs as soon as you notice the dimness. We recommend replacing them before they go out completely for your safety on the road.

You should also address flickering headlights promptly. The flickering may indicate that the filament has become worn or damaged, which means the bulb is close to burning out. Flickering could also be a sign of a faulty connection.

Signs You Need to Replace C5 Headlights


Many C5 Corvette owners have to pay attention to more than just headlight bulb illumination. C5 Corvettes with pop-up headlights also have moving parts that can malfunction. If your pop-up headlights stop working properly and you’ve already changed the bulbs, it could be time to replace the motor, gear or another component.

C5 Headlight Conversion

If your headlights are significantly damaged or you want to update your Corvette’s appearance, consider converting to upgraded headlight components. At Top Flight Automotive, we carry bulbs, bezels, kits and numerous other headlight products that offer a factory-fresh appearance and exceptional visibility. 

Our headlight conversion assemblies and parts make installation quick and easy. All you have to do is remove your stock headlight and attach our products in their place. We carefully reproduce all our headlight components to provide the best fit for your C5 Corvette. 

C5 Corvette Fixed Headlights

Fixed headlights are an excellent custom option for your C5 Corvette. They are a single, sealed unit, making installation a breeze. Plus, these fixed headlights fit just like the originals to give your C5 Corvette a race-ready look.

Unlike the traditional pop-up headlights on most C5 Corvettes, fixed headlights have a single position that streamlines the car’s nose. This sleek design helps make your car’s front end highly aerodynamic, reducing wind drag when you use your headlights. They also provide great light quality with the option to add high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting for even better illumination.

C5 Corvette Headlight Motor Rebuilds

To activate headlights in a C5, drivers have to open and close the pop-up door from a switch inside the cabin. Through repeated use, pieces of this system may wear out, preventing you from turning on headlights when you need them. In the event your C5’s headlight motors have seen better days, Top Flight Automotive brings customers right- and left-side motor rebuild sets on our online store.

Organized by make, model and year, Top Flight Automotive replacement headlight motor setups install without any exterior modification for a perfect fitment. Additionally, we invite you to add one of our 1997-2004 Corvette bronze headlight gear motors as an upgrade to order. This piece replaces broken nylon gears with stronger bronze materials for long-lasting restoration results.

C5 Corvette Headlight Assemblies and Lenses

Were you recently involved in a minor collision or have yellowing C5 headlight lenses? With the help of Top Flight Automotive, you can restore your vehicle to a factory-fresh condition with complete right- and left-side headlight assemblies. This is the easiest way to find compatible headlight configurations for your C5.

Top Flight Automotive’s headlight assemblies meet or exceed the original specifications of the Chevrolet factory. Orders attach to stock components for mounting and require one of our actuators for use. Speak to one of our sales representatives during normal business hours for assistance with actuator compatibility.

For your restoration efforts, Top Flight Automotive’s headlight components are also available individually. If your vehicle does not call for an entire assembly replacement, correct yellowing and cracked parts with stock-friendly headlight lens upgrades.

2005 Corvette Headlights

Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop shop for Corvette lights, lamps and lenses. Aside from headlights, our online store is home to a variety of products to give your C5 a modern appearance. Now that LED technology is becoming an industry standard, shop our collection of conversion kits for optimum illumination.

Our LED technology extends beyond the C5 series as selections exist for popular releases such as the 2005 C6.

C5 LED Taillight Kits

Top Flight Automotive experts are dedicated to generations of restoration, style and performance. Pair an all-new set of headlights with a 1997-2004 LED taillight kit for your C5. These products replace factory bulbs and lenses with upgraded LED red lights that last longer, emit faster and install in just a few hours.

LED taillights are ideal for Corvette owners intimidated by the restoration process because parts fit into stock sockets. Kits include four taillights, and wire cutting is not necessary for setup. Consider using one of our hyperflash harnesses to promote proper LED function for desirable results. 

Contact Top Flight Automotive for C5 Corvette Headlights

Top Flight Automotive is proud to be part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies serving the Corvette community for over 40 years. As the largest manufacturer and supplier of Corvette parts anywhere, our team has a passion for restoring Corvette vehicles both vintage and new. No matter if you take your C5 to judging competitions, award shows or the racetrack, you can count on Top Flight Automotive for interior, exterior and performance parts for your driving applications.

We know that when you’re tackling a restoration project, you need reliable solutions fast. At Top Flight Automotive, we have products ready to ship to ensure you receive your order as soon as possible. We can even ship many of our items on the same day you place your order. All our products feature competitive pricing, and we price match the competition to give you the best deal.

Experts at Top Flight Automotive speak fluent Corvette and are more than happy to assist with questions regarding compatibility during our normal business hours. For more information about C5 Corvette headlights or to place an order for any of our products, contact Top Flight Automotive today.

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