C4 Chevrolet Corvette Engine Cold Air Intake Performance Kit

C4 Chevrolet Corvette Engine Cold Air Intake Performance Kit

Struggling with how to boost horsepower in a C4 (1984-1996) Corvette? Taking a look at your vehicle’s cooling system may do the trick. There’s a chance your fourth-gen ‘Vette has been wracking up miles in recent years. Upgrading outdated parts for a new Chevy Corvette cold air intake system can help you ensure your vehicle’s engine is set up for success.

Push your C4 Corvette to its limits, knowing equipment below the hood will feed cool air to high-stress systems. Top Flight Automotive is your trusted source for parts and accessories compatible with C4 Corvettes. Shop our collection of cold air intake listings to make maximizing performance a key part of your next project.

Selling Top-Quality C4 Cold Air Intake Systems

A C4 Corvette deserves the best parts money can buy. Top Flight Automotive makes finding them simple by adding fourth-gen Chevy Corvette cold air intake components to our site as often as possible. We carry cooling equipment from companies like Auto Accessories of America for vehicles from the past. Change how your ‘Vette accelerates using the in-demand cold air systems available now.

Many of our selections fit specific C4 models. Choose cold air intake systems designed for some of your favorite 1980s and 1990s sports cars, including 35th Anniversary Corvettes.

1985-1989 C4 Corvette Vortex Rammer Cold Air Systems

Use offerings from Top Flight Automotive to increase horsepower effortlessly. C4 Corvette Vortex Rammer Cold Air Systems by Auto Accessories of America leave plenty of clearance at the front of your vehicle’s engine compartment. Change out your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) air box for a setup that can give you up to an additional 22 horsepower to work with.

You’ll receive instructions and the necessary hardware with your purchase to mount the Vortex Rammer Cold Air System. Cutting out a small portion of the radiator shroud is required to complete the project.

1990-1996 Fourth-Gen Corvette Cold Air Intake Systems for Sale

Look through the Top Flight Automotive site to check out C4 Corvette cold air intake systems that correspond with the progression of the fourth-gen exterior. Our experts select cold air intake systems we’d use on our own vehicles, so you know you can trust our offerings from Auto Accessories of America to last.

Many of the air intake systems we offer for later C4 models come in black, so you can boost available horsepower using equipment that looks sleek inside the engine compartment. C4 Corvette cold air intake systems are engineered for track use. See a noticeable difference in acceleration the next time you compete.

Get the C4 Cold Air Intake Technology You Need Now

Shopping for fourth-generation Corvette upgrade parts should be something to look forward to. Top Flight Automotive makes your project exciting by offering a selection of air intake systems to take your sports car to new heights.

Explore your options for giving your vehicle a consistent air supply by browsing our site. Check out online once you find what you’re looking for!

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