C4 Corvette Exhaust Systems

C4 Corvette Exhaust Systems

The C4 Corvette hit the consumer market back in 1984 and stayed there through 1996. Fans of Chevrolet sports cars still keep an eye out for these vehicles in the modern era, as this generation offers a hair-raising experience behind the wheel. From exhilarating top speeds to racing-inspired paint jobs, C4 models provide plenty of room for customization and are one of the best ways to enter the world of performance vehicles.

Of course, with select vehicles being close to 40 years old, it's possible that the stock components are not what they used to be. At Top Flight Automotive, we are proud to fill our online store with a variety of new exhaust systems compatible with your setup. Whether you want to keep your vehicle in "factory" condition or upgrade its connections to boost performance, we have options from all of your favorite industry-leading manufacturers.

C4 Corvette Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

Top Flight Automotive caters to customers with all levels of restoration experience. If you are new to exhaust system replacements, keep in mind that it is not always necessary to change out your entire configuration. Our selection of C4 cat-back exhaust systems gives you everything you need to keep your Corvette street-legal after the catalytic converter.

If you're noticing an increase in noise or unpleasant smells inside the cabin, consider placing an order for a new cat-back exhaust. Our products from Sweet Thunder and Flowmaster are ideal if you want to change up the appearance of your dual exhaust tips. These systems let you better control the flow of gases out the back of your Corvette, boosting your horsepower and efficiency.

Complete Dual Tip Exhaust Systems

Original exhaust components are prone to corrosion. Depending on how many owners your C4 had previously, a complete exhaust replacement might be in order. Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive supplies Corvette exhaust kits that include a new catalytic converter and pipes that sit close to the exhaust manifold.

A number of our dual tip exhaust systems from Auto Accessories of America install without the need for permanent modification. All of the products in our inventory are engineered with lightweight materials, ensuring your C4 can glide over the pavement at the race track or on the highway.

Performance and Racing Exhausts for C4 Corvettes

Top Flight Automotive separates itself from the competition with several C4 exhaust systems designed for racing applications. We carry straight pipe exhaust systems that eliminate the catalytic converter and resonator for roaring tones. Turn your C4 Corvette into a speed machine with one of the following setups:

C4 Corvette Exhaust Components: Mufflers

Part of the fun of driving a Corvette is getting to customize your sports car according to preference. Create the sound and appearance you've always wanted by adding Magnaflow mufflers to your cart. These products fasten to your current exhaust setup and help you achieve an LT1-style tip.

Easily stand out from others on the road with installations that transform your C4's tailpipe area.

Restore Your Corvette's Exhaust System at Top Flight Automotive

Look no further than Top Flight Automotive for C4 Corvette exhaust systems at competitive prices. We are a part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies connecting the community of Corvette fans to premium parts and accessories for over four decades. If you need assistance with your order, our sales representatives are happy to take your call during normal business hours at 833-486-7354.

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