C4 Chevrolet Corvette Hood

C4 Corvette Hood

Corvette fans are always on the lookout for used C4 models. Available between 1984 and 1996, these vehicles offer thrilling top speeds, sleek elongated builds, plenty of performance and anniversary packages for you to choose from. If you recently found a great deal on a C4 or your favorite ride could use some work, Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop shop for exterior parts and accessories.

There is no denying that the hood area is one of the first things people see when a Corvette zips by. It’s important to keep your collector car in mint condition for Chevrolet gatherings and competition, so we stock our inventory with a variety of replacement hoods and components for proper function and aesthetic appeal. Click through our online shop for compatible parts for your make, model and year!

Why Replace a C4 Hood and Components?

Drivers often forget that you spend hours at a time looking at the hood area when sitting behind the wheel. Even if your vehicle has its own garage or stays safe under a car cover, a Corvette’s hood sees frequent sun exposure, dirt, debris and more on the road. Now that the C4 generation is almost 40 years old, the original parts may be showing rust and deterioration.

Whether your C4 was involved in a minor collision or you want to erase small dents and scratches, Top Flight Automotive has you covered.

C4 Replacement Hoods

When performing a restoration or custom project, it’s essential to find the right hood attachment for your specific model year. The C4 stock hood design was carefully crafted by Chevrolet to leave room for large racing-style wheels and those signature pop-up headlights. Fortunately, even though these vehicles are no longer in production, Top Flight Automotive supplies reproduction hoods for 1984-1996 Corvettes.

The days of bidding on used replacement hoods are over, as our products fit your sports car like a glove. Get an all-new hood for your C4, and we’ll help coordinate freight shipping so that your order gets to you safe and sound. Reproduction hoods are engineered to meet or exceed original specifications from Chevrolet and weigh in at just 35 pounds for a lightweight upgrade.

C4 Corvette Hood Scoops

C4 Corvettes are equipped with hood scoops to help feed cool air to the engine compartment. These attachments give your vehicle a sporty appearance and can even increase aerodynamic capabilities. In the event your hood scoop has seen better days, Top Flight Automotive has replacements from American Custom Industries for all model years in the C4 lineup.

These hood scoops are crafted in the United States and consist of fiberglass materials. All you have to do is sand, prime and paint these products, and they’re ready for installation. If you’re upgrading your ride, consider swapping out your hood scoop while you’re at it — ACI fiberglass products are flexible and better resist small dings and dents.

Corvette Hood Hardware and Connections

Some restoration projects call for replacement hardware pieces. When changing out the hood on your C4, it’s always a great idea to have backup supplies in case parts go missing. All of our sales representatives speak fluent Corvette and can introduce you to the following parts for projects large and small:

Purchase Your C4 Hood at Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive wants to be a part of your next restoration or upgrade project. We are the largest supplier and manufacturer of Corvette parts you’ll find anywhere, and we are happy to be among the Extra Mile Brands family of companies serving Corvette lovers for over four decades. Place your order for a C4 hood today, or complete a contact form with questions regarding compatibility.

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