C4 Chevrolet Corvette Car Cover

C4 Corvette Car Cover

Fourth-generation (C4) Corvettes featured an entirely new body style from the previous C3 series. These 1984 to 1996 models featured tapered back ends, sharp-nosed front ends and angular roofs, giving them a more futuristic look and aerodynamic capabilities. These vehicles also featured powerful engine configurations that could reach speeds of 60 mph in less than seven seconds.

The C4 series had many options for consumers, including convertibles, coupes and ZR1 performance editions. Their versatile capabilities, high-end performance and sleek appearance make C4 Corvettes some of the most popular classic cars available today.

Anyone who owns a Corvette understands the importance of keeping the car’s exterior in top condition. At Top Flight Automotive, we have the largest inventory of Corvette parts and accessories on the market. Our extensive selection includes C4 Corvette car covers to protect your beloved vehicle indoors and outdoors.

The Importance of C4 Corvette Covers

For many C4 Corvette owners, there’s nothing more satisfying than turning heads in their prized vehicles. C4 Corvettes have an iconic body shape recognizable from miles away. Whether you’re on the highway or at a competition, you want your C4 to look its best.¬†The appearance of your C4 Corvette also affects how much its worth. Even a small dent or scratch can decrease its value.

A good car cover is your first line of defense against damaging external elements. It can protect your C4 from:

Weather Elements

If your C4 Corvette is parked on the street or in your driveway, covering it can help protect it from weather-related damage. Storms can bring heavy rain, high winds, snow and ice. These conditions can cause projectiles like hail and tree branches to¬†scratch and dent your car. Even a light breeze can kick up twigs and other debris that can damage your car’s paint.¬†

During the warmer months, exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and fluctuating temperatures can also cause your exterior paint and interior upholstery to fade and crack.

Debris Buildup

Whether you keep your car indoors or outdoors, particles like dirt, dust and pollen can quickly accumulate without a cover. This debris buildup affects the appearance of your C4, making it look neglected and in poor condition. It can even damage your car by trapping moisture and causing rust. Dirt is also abrasive, so it can scratch your car and dull the finish. Debris buildup can also make it more difficult, time-consuming and expensive to clean your vehicle.

Theft and Vandalism

Car covers can also help deter theft and vandalism. Theives and vandals may not want to go to the trouble of removing your car cover, as it will take them more time and can increase their chance of getting caught. Potential thieves also can’t see what’s in your car with a cover in place, so they won’t know if breaking in is worth the risk. Without a cover, passersby can see shopping bags, purses and any other valuables you may leave in your car, making it an easier target.

Our C4 Corvette Car Covers

Whether you keep your C4 Corvette in a garage, showroom or parked on the street, Top Flight Automotive has car cover options to suit your needs. Our selection includes:

Onyx C4 Corvette Indoor Covers

If you store your C4 Corvette inside, consider purchasing one of our C4 indoor car covers. We carry Onyx indoor covers made from a polyester blend of spandex and lycra for a luxurious, satin-like feel. The material offers excellent stretchability, making the material easy to slip on. The stretchy fabric also creates a sleek, form-fitting look. You’ll get a tailored appearance, thanks to the year-specific mirror pockets and front and rear hems.¬†

We also carry Onyx Premium Flannel indoor covers for dual-layer protection. Premium Flannel covers are manufactured with canvas-like material that’s thicker than standard Onyx covers. These mildew-resistant, 100% breathable covers include mirror pockets for a perfect fit.¬†

Standard Onyx and Premium Flannel indoor car covers come with a free storage bag and a three-year warranty.

Onyx C4 Corvette Outdoor/Indoor Covers

We also carry Onyx C4 Corvette covers for indoor or outdoor use. The WALL cover creates a wall-like barrier around your Corvette, protecting it from rain, snow, ice, dirt and debris. It has a unique three-layer construction with the premium characteristics of pricier covers at an economical price point. 

For an even more affordable option, try the EconoTech car cover. This light, single-layer material repels dirt and water for exceptional protection at a budget-friendly price.

Onyx MaxTech car covers are our most popular choice for indoor and outdoor protection. These covers are made with four layers of UV-treated polypropylene materials for superior moisture resistance. They are also equipped with custom-fit mirror pockets and front and rear elastic to protect all of your C4’s outer surfaces.

Onyx SoftShield car covers combine the gentle qualities of Premium Flannel covers with the outdoor protection of MaxTech covers. The SoftShield cover has three outer layers of UV-treated polypropylene material and a fourth inner layer of soft polyester nap.

All WALL, MaxTech and SoftShield covers come with a storage bag, cable, cable lock and two-year warranty.

C4 Corvette Car Cover Accessories

If you don’t need a complete car cover kit, we have individual components available. Our selection includes cable locks manufactured by Covercraft to keep your cover securely in place and prevent theft.

Purchase Your C4 Corvette Car Cover From Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive has compatible car covers for every C4 model year. We carry a range of custom-fit options at various price points so you can find the perfect fit for your car and budget. 

Once you order your C4 Corvette car cover, you can expect it to be delivered promptly. We have many items in stock and available for same-day shipping.

If you need help finding the right car cover or another part for your C4 Corvette, our expert sales team can help. We have over 175 years of combined experience, and we speak fluent Corvette.

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