C3 Chevrolet Corvette Hood Release Cable

C3 Chevrolet Corvette Hood Release Cables

Collectors have plenty of reasons to restore C3 Corvettes. Maybe you like these vehicles’ shark-like exterior shapes or look forward to the aggressive sounds of LT1 small-block V8s. Whether you drive your third-generation Corvette around town or visit the drag strip, you’ll need to access the engine compartment at some point.

Top Flight Automotive sells thousands of direct-fit Corvette parts for repairs. If your hood release cable gives you trouble, you can turn to us for genuine replacement products. Safely lift open your C3’s hood using our upgrades that work for budgets large and small.

The Purpose of Corvette Hood Cables

Chevrolet Corvette hood release cables run from the cabin to the engine compartment. When you pull the hood release lever, hood release cables tell front-end latches to open. Without this installation, it would be impossible for you to release the hood latch and open the hood for independent repairs and general maintenance jobs.

Does My C3 Corvette Hood Cable Need Service?

Some C3 vehicles were assembled more than 50 years ago. You can tell if factory connections are in working order by testing your hood release lever to see how it responds. The indicators mentioned below are telltale signs your hood cable needs replacement:

  1. The hood latch refuses to release when you pull the handle.
  2. Your vehicle’s hood release handle is cracking.
  3. The hood release opens with minimal force on the handle.

Corvette Hood Release Cables for All Third-Generation Corvettes

Top Flight Automotive has Corvette hood release cables and related products for 1968-1982 model years. You can browse our collection of hood products suitable for base models, anniversary vehicles and high-performance packages created throughout the third-generation era.

Drivers visit the Top Flight Automotive store because we carry innovative repair solutions from the best names in the industry. Select Corvette hood release tools, cables and connections from Corvette America and Auto Accessories of America for peace of mind.

Corvette America and Auto Accessories of America Hood Cables

Our professionals go the extra mile to select USA-made products for our inventory. We recommend entering details about your vehicle into our search filters to see products that will install on your C3 out of the packaging.

All our Corvette hood release cables from Corvette America and Auto Accessories of America are based on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Select offerings ship with an all-new cabin handle to erase wear and tear.

At Top Flight Automotive, we make it simple to find the exact parts you need. Click on a hood cable to read more about its length, weight and associated model years. Restore the hood release cable in fan-favorite Corvettes like the 1970, 1976, 1979 and 1982 production runs.

Order C3 Corvette Hood Components From Top Flight Automotive

Searching for budget-friendly cable options for Corvette repairs? Top Flight Automotive makes it possible to get the products you require with fast service and deliveries. Our employees speak fluent Corvette, so you can ask us anything about hood cable compatibility and the installation process. Give us a call during our hours of operation to speak to the most knowledgeable sales team in the industry.

The majority of our Corvette hood release cables ship within hours of you making a purchase, so buy our products today. If you have any questions about our merchandise, you can contact our team.

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