C3 Chevrolet Corvette Instrument Cluster

C3 Corvette Instrument Panel

Imagine a sports car that resembles a shark, and you’ve got a C3 Corvette. Built from 1968 to 1982, third-generation Corvettes took the sports car market by storm, as the new Chevrolet designs marked a drastic departure from the C2 series. Pointed front ends, chrome bumper accents and slim midsections made the all-new Stingrays stand out from competing vehicles.

Coupe and convertible C3 Corvettes provide an unmatched driving experience with over 300 horsepower. Whether you’re a fan of cruising around town or want to add to your showroom, keeping C3 variants in mint condition is a fantastic way to celebrate the longest-running Corvette generation to date. To keep your classic car looking its best, inspect interior components such as the C3 instrument panel for any signs of deterioration.

Here at Top Flight Automotive, we have everything you need to restore or rebuild your C3 Corvette’s gauge panel. Whether you’re getting an inaccurate reading or you see pieces cracking and fading, our solutions from companies like Dakota Digital and Intellitronix drop into place without cutting or modifying the cabin. See valuable information about your car’s engine temperatures, fuel levels and battery power by upgrading the C3 instrument panel with the help of Top Flight Automotive.

What Is a C3 Corvette Instrument Panel?

A vehicle’s instrument panel contains a series of gauges and dials positioned above the steering wheel. These installations are vital for driver safety because each readout communicates an essential detail about your sports car’s status. You rely on your C3’s instrument panel or “gauge cluster” to regulate travel speeds and determine how hard your vehicle works to achieve a certain level of performance.

Your Corvette’s instrument panel should be visible to you at all times. With select third-generation models being over 50 years old, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) readouts may have stopped working because of outdated electronics. Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive helps you solve this problem with LED-powered upgrades for easy, accurate readings in any light.

Knowing When to Upgrade Your C3 Corvette Gauge Cluster

The automotive industry has come a long way since the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Original C3 instrument panels contained circular gauges, clear lenses and indicators in shades of red and white. Thanks to Top Flight Automotive, you can transform your C3’s cabin based on factory specifications or upgrade your assembly with modern technology.

You use your C3’s instrument panel each time you operate the vehicle. Some of the most common signs you’re in the market for a replacement C3 Corvette gauge cluster include:

  • Your C3 Corvette runs out of fuel when the gauge reads full.
  • The speedometer does not match the speed you are traveling.
  • Multiple bulbs behind the instrument panel burn out.
  • Indicator needles get stuck in one position.
  • Your instrument panel appears dimmer than usual.
  • The entire instrument panel is unresponsive.

Why Do Vehicle Instrument Panels Fail?

Collectors who take excellent care of vehicles can still experience a stock C3 Corvette instrument panel failure. All the electronics and wiring behind the dashboard experience harsh conditions based on your driving applications. Age, temperature shifts, vibrations and moisture cause connections to deteriorate.

Top Flight Automotive is home to many aftermarket C3 gauge cluster replacements modeled after OEM installations. Get everything you need for immediate results under one roof.

1968-1982 C3 Corvette Dakota Digital RTX Instrument Systems

Top Flight Automotive is proud to bring customers bolt-in instrument panel replacements from Dakota Digital. Some of our best-selling C3 aftermarket gauge clusters are a part of the RTX line, which takes on the same shape and appearance as the components that rolled out of the Chevrolet factory.

Transfer over your OEM instrument housing and front bezels, and Dakota Digital’s RTX panel replacements take care of the rest. Opting for the RTX line is the perfect way to achieve a stock look with additional features from the 21st Century like a digital message center and illumination controls. Pieces included in your order provide you with the same OEM gauge layout, face styling and indicators you’ve grown used to behind the wheel with the bonus of LED backlighting.

Take your C3 Corvette to the next level with an instrument panel equipped with the notable features below:

  • Speedometer (up to 160 mph)
  • Tachometer (up to 8,000 RPM)
  • Oil pressure gauge (up to 80 psi)
  • Water temperature gauge (100 degrees to 260 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Fuel gauge
  • Battery voltmeter

Drivers may also review C3 products within Dakota Digital’s HDX, VHX and VFD lines at Top Flight Automotive.

1968-1982 C3 Corvette Digital Gauge Panels by Intellitronix

Treat your 1968-1982 C3 Corvette to an all-digital gauge panel equipped with your choice of blue, green, red or white LEDs. Direct-fit options from Intellitronix are a cost-friendly way to replace OEM indicators that have become unreliable. Intellitronix manufactures these C3 digital gauge panels to fit the opening above your Corvette’s steering wheel, as printed circuit boards and main faceplates have specific engineering for 1968-1982 production runs.

Change out your C3’s instrument panel in just a few hours, as orders arrive with universal temperature, oil pressure and speedometer sending units for ease of installation. Top Flight Automotive professionals recommend C3 digital gauge panels by Intellitronix for their one-button calibration features, which allow you to sync up speedometer settings with minimal effort.

Intellitronix C3 digital gauge panels showcase smoked plexiglass faceplates for a sleek display inside the cab. Stand out from others at racing competitions and award shows with our C3 aftermarket gauge clusters available for all vehicles in the C3 lineup.

Purchase C3 Corvette Gauge Clusters From Us Today

We process and ship most Top Flight Automotive orders within the same day you make your purchase. It’s our goal to help you restore your C3 Corvette with fewer hurdles, so our customers benefit from price match guarantees and no minimum ordering. If you need assistance, our sales representatives are Corvette experts and will be happy to answer questions during our business hours.

Top Flight Automotive has a strong partnership with the Extra Mile Brands family of companies. This group has had a positive impact on the Corvette community for the last 40 years. Place your order today, and contact us for more information about C3 parts and accessories.

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