C3 Chevrolet Corvette Floor Mat

C3 Corvette Floor Mats

You’ve been working on your C3 Corvette for months. The cabin looks perfect, and all you can think about is taking your favorite ride out on the town. Third-generation Corvettes are aerodynamic, attractive and versatile for all driving applications, but nothing beats a clean appearance. If you want to keep your interior carpets in fantastic shape, C3 Corvette floor mats block dirt, water and other contaminants from leaving stains.

Top Flight Automotive makes it easy to protect original carpet installations and aftermarket upgrades. Our experts run the largest store for Corvette parts and accessories, and this selection includes over 40 distinct floor mat styles for the C3 series. Choose Corvette floor mats that meet your expectations for durability at prices much more affordable than what you’ll see from our competition.

We Have the Best Collection of C3 Corvette Floor Mats

Top Flight Automotive takes your C3 restoration efforts seriously. We recognize that everyone has a different restoration budget, so we carry third-generation Corvette floor mats in various materials to help you achieve your restoration dream. Whether you’re on the lookout for aluminum floor mats or need carpet mats for extra padding, we ensure your ride looks better than ever before.

Corvette enthusiasts are dedicated to specific brands. Therefore, we supply you with floor mats from only the best manufacturers in the field for outstanding protection and cosmetic improvements. Browse our listings from:

Find C3 Corvette Floor Mats for Your Model Year

The C3 Corvette generation was in production for almost 15 years. Fans love 1968-1982 ‘Vettes, so Top Flight Automotive offers Corvette floor mat solutions for every release. Get floor mat upgrades for the model years below:

Embroidered 1968 Corvette Floor Mats

The 1968 build kickstarted the longest-running vehicle series in Corvette history. These models were restyled from C2 variants, showcasing an exterior shape that looked more like a shark. The 1968 model year was available in a coupe or convertible configuration to meet the demands of young drivers and racing fans worldwide.

Top Flight Automotive keeps your 1968 Corvette cabin in pristine condition with embroidered floor mat offerings. Select products from Auto Custom Carpets let you choose between GM-licensed designs and come in colors like black, gray, red and tan. Treat your 1968 vehicle to die-cut mats for a perfect fit. What’s more, many mats have non-slip backings to keep your installations in place.

Rubber 1969 Corvette Floor Mats

All 1969 Corvettes had the new “Stingray” emblem mounted across their side fenders. The Stingray branding became one word as opposed to two seen throughout the C2 series. 

If your 350-horsepower C3 frequents the track, Top Flight Automotive is your source for rubber floor mats for optimum cabin protection. Corvette America’s black C3 floor mats are specifically made for 1968 and 1969 vehicles. Defend your interior against mud that sticks to the bottom of your shoes with rubber floor mats sold in pairs for a straightforward replacement process. You can hose the mats off with water to clean them in seconds.

1970, 1971 and 1972 Corvette Clear Floor Mats

Some collectors like to see original GM carpets at their feet. For a subtle cabin enhancement, consider Top Flight Automotive’s transparent floor mats for popular model years, including the 1970, 1971 and 1972 releases.

Auto Accessories of America creates clear C3 Corvette floor mats featuring detailed insignias for your vehicle’s driver and passenger sides. These floor mats will fit inside your ride, as our offerings are contoured with third-generation Corvette dimensions in mind. Create a barrier between your feet and colorful C3 carpet installations so that your muscle car outshines other vehicles in competition.

Clear C3 floor mats protect interior carpets from drink spills and other wear and tear.

1973-1977 C3 Corvette Metal Floor Mats

By 1973, vehicle designers at Chevrolet were ready for an exterior refresh. Most changes to the Corvette involved swapping chrome bumpers for urethane pieces that matched each vehicle’s paint job. The 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977 Corvette model years exemplified Chevrolet’s focus on boosting safety standards and reducing carbon emissions.

If you drive one of the more sustainable C3 builds, Top Flight Automotive has you covered with compatible floor mats. Purchase our diamond plate aluminum floor mat sets made by American Car Craft for a one-of-a-kind look. Metal C3 Corvette floor mats give your third-generation vehicle an aggressive presentation inside the cabin. Your installations consist of aluminum materials that will not rust over time.

1978-1982 C3 Corvette Cut Pile Carpet Floor Mats

Top Flight Automotive knows authenticity is important to collectors. Our experts want you to enjoy sitting inside your 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 or 1982 Corvette, so we carry luxurious cut pile carpet floor mats in all original Chevrolet colors. Listings from Auto Custom Carpets have Corvette scripts embossed across the top to add extra flair to your classic sports car.

Cut pile carpet mats are incredibly soft for a plush feel below your feet and have bound edges to ensure your purchases stay in showroom shape for as long as you use them. Top Flight Automotive makes it simple to order cut pile carpets from our store when you use the drop-down filters to guide your purchase. Select your Corvette’s model year, followed by your desired floor mat color to restore your vehicle’s cabin as soon as possible.

Top Flight Automotive Sells the C3 Corvette Floor Mats You Need

Whether you want C3 Corvette floor mats for cabin protection or a custom appearance, Top Flight Automotive has the largest selection of Corvette accessories online. Find Corvette floor mats for the lowest prices across our store. Our C3 collection is unmatched by other retailers, and we price match the products you require for restoration, repairs and do-it-yourself projects.

Top Flight Automotive will ship your order fast since most of the selections we carry are in stock now. Make your purchase with us for the best customer experience. Contact Top Flight Automotive today if you need assistance.

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