C3 Chevrolet Corvette Car Cover

C3 Chevrolet Corvette Car Cover

The C3 build made a name for itself by being the longest-running series in Corvette history. When restyling after the C2 generation, vehicle designers played on the Stingray name by making the muscle car’s contours in sleek, shark-like lines.

It was an exciting time to be a sports car fanatic from 1968-1982. Chevrolet continued to make the Corvette faster and faster, with options for ZR1 performance packages throughout the third-generation series. Collectors and racing fans appreciate all that C3 vehicles have to offer since they are some of the most unique-looking sports cars to ever be assembled in America.

If you have a C3 Corvette, look after your investment by purchasing a C3 Corvette car cover from Top Flight Automotive. We have solutions that will fit all third-generation model years.

What Are C3 Corvette Car Covers?

C3 Corvette car covers sit on top of painted surfaces, windows and mirrors. The purpose of sports car covers is to shield your investment from any dangers it might encounter while in storage.

Top Flight Automotive carries two main types of car covers — indoor and outdoor. Our indoor styles are designed to protect vehicles from dust, fingerprints and scratches. Outdoor covers go a step further to be resistant to moisture, pollen, UV rays and other threats while your muscle car is parked outside. Each cover is specifically made to fit the contours of your C3 and even include mirror pockets in the correct places.

6 Perks of Top Flight Automotive C3 Corvette Car Covers

At Top Flight Automotive, our sales staff is made up of muscle car enthusiasts with hands-on knowledge about the best Corvette accessories for models from the past. Whether you’re searching for a lightweight cover for temporary storage or a heavy-duty solution to keep your C3 outdoors year-round, we will help you find what you need.

Benefits of our C3 Corvette covers include:

  1. You can protect your vehicle from bumps, scratches and pests.
  2. The car’s paint job will stay clean between trips.
  3. Our Corvette covers are breathable.
  4. Select covers are compatible with security cables and locks.
  5. Sleek colors such as black, gray and tan complement your ride.
  6. You can use mirror pockets and tags to install your cover in minutes.

Find C3 Corvette Car Covers From Trustworthy Brands

The experts at Top Flight Automotive feel your sports car accessories should last for years. We only add products to our inventory that we feel comfortable using ourselves, so you’ll find Corvette covers produced by elite brands. All car covers come with a minimum one year warranty.

Rest assured knowing you are getting premier covers used by thousands of Corvette owners worldwide. We offer third-generation Corvette accessories made by companies like Onyx and Covercraft. Navigate our store according to your C3 model year to ensure your purchases will fit securely out of the box.

Choose one of our C3 Corvette covers based on your driving applications. We have durable indoor and outdoor covers to help you protect your ride for future generations to see:

1968-1982 C3 Corvette Satin Black Indoor Covers

Many of our cover selections are brought to you by Onyx. Our indoor satin black covers are easy to stretch over your vehicle. These C3 accessories contain lycra and spandex materials to make caring for your ‘Vette simple. Slip the satin black covers over your hood and move toward the trunk to pamper your stock or aftermarket paint job.

Onyx satin black covers create a tight fit. We recommend these products if you keep your Corvette in a temperature-controlled garage or showroom. Defend against dust particles, dirt and anything else that could settle on your C3’s glass, lights, grilles and other surfaces.

1968-1982 C3 Corvette Premium Flannel Indoor Car Covers

Premium Flannel cover selections from Top Flight Automotive feature a double-napped layer of protection. These covers from Onyx come in tan shades and enable you to protect your car from mold and mildew thanks to their breathable construction. Premium Flannel covers are designed for indoor use only.

1968-1982 C3 Corvette EconoTech Indoor Covers

The EconoTech line is one of our most affordable indoor cover options. Use a single-layer cover to keep dirt and condensation away from your beloved muscle car. EconoTech indoor car covers are perfect for Corvette owners who drive multiple vehicles and want to have more than one protective accessory on hand.

1968-1982 C3 SoftShield Indoor and Outdoor Covers

Looking for a versatile indoor and outdoor C3 Cover? Our SoftShield Onyx selections combine the softness of Premium Flannel covers with three outer layers of UV-treated polypropylene material. Repel dirt and other contaminants with these C3 covers that showcase elastic hems and no-scratch tie-down grommets.

1968-1982 C3 Corvette MaxTech Outdoor Car Covers

MaxTech C3 covers are for active sports car enthusiasts. Pick up a four-layer outdoor cover that can handle it all. Fending off everything from snow and ice to downpours and intense sunlight, the MaxTech line is exactly what you need to keep your vehicle in pristine shape. Top Flight Automotive MaxTech offerings have front and rear elastic, correct mirror pocket shapes and tie-down grommets to withstand heavy winds. 

Your purchase also ships with a corresponding tie-down cable and security lock to stop would-be thieves from tampering with your investment. Use the included storage bag to keep your MaxTech C3 cover with you wherever life takes you. This design is our most protective indoor and outdoor cover available.

Buy Third-Generation Corvette Car Covers From Top Flight Automotive

For cost-friendly Corvette accessories, always choose the Top Flight Automotive store. We’re known to add new products for retired models and current generation vehicles frequently. Our customer support team is dedicated to helping you find the right solutions for your C3 release, and we’ll use more than 175 years of combined industry experience to answer questions you have along the way.

We have incredible prices on all of our products, so place your order for Corvette car covers with us today. You can also contact Top Flight Automotive for further details about our C3 merchandise.

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