C6 Chevrolet Corvette Door Armrest

C6 Door Armrest

The Chevrolet Corvette has maintained a continuous presence on the American automotive landscape for nearly 70 years. Since the release of the first ‘Vette in 1953, there has been only one year (1983) in which Chevy has not manufactured a new version. Reasons for the enduring popularity of America’s sports car include its unique style, sleek design, superior performance and relatively inexpensive price tag compared to other luxury sports car brands. 

Another factor contributing to the Corvette’s remarkable staying power is Chevrolet’s willingness to upgrade its design to accommodate car buyers’ evolving demands. Over the years, Chevy has produced eight Corvette generations, each of which brought something new to the table. 

Corvette’s sixth generation (C6) spanned the 2005-2013 model years. In the wake of the wildly successful C5, which many automotive experts credit with bringing new life to a fading brand, Chevy’s engineers decided not to redo the current ‘Vette concept. Instead, they focused on making a good thing even better. 

Making the C6 a bit more compact than its predecessor was at the top of the list of targeted enhancements. This goal was in response to the desire of General Motors, Chevrolet’s parent company, to develop smaller vehicles that could compete for sales in the European market. The C6 ended up being 5 inches shorter and 1 inch narrower than the C5, although the wheelbase increased by just over an inch. 

The C6’s standard model also featured a more robust LS engine. Several variants and limited-edition models introduced during this generation offered even more horsepower. 

Trust Top Flight Automotive for All Your C6 Replacement Parts Needs

If you drive a ‘Vette from the C6 generation, it’s good to have a reliable aftermarket parts supplier at your service. With the world’s largest inventory of Corvette products, Top Flight Automotive can fill that role with ease. You’ll find the high-quality part or component you need here at a competitive price. You’ll also benefit from our specialized expertise — we speak fluent Corvette!

Enhance Your Car’s Interior With New C6 Door Armrest Pads

Upgrading the armrests is one inexpensive solution for improving the inside of your C6 Corvette. Top Flight Automotive offers attractive armrests for sale that will instantly improve the appearance of your vehicle. They also provide more comfort for drivers and passengers while adding door panel protection. These pads offer the perfect fit for the entire C6 generation of models from 2005-2013. 

High-Quality Material and an Assortment of Colors

Our C6 Corvette armrests are a welcome departure from the poorly made aftermarket products offered by other parts suppliers. They’re manufactured with genuine leather, ensuring maximum longevity and durability. And with our broad selection of stunning colors, you can easily find the ideal complement for your interior. Available options include Cashmere, Ebony, Pace Yellow, Light Titanium, Steel Gray and Red. Armrests for 2013 Corvettes also come in Dark Titanium.

Choose From Plain or Embroidered C6 Door Armrests

If you’re like many customers, our unmarked armrests will meet your aesthetic requirements — especially when you can find the right color for your interior. But some ‘Vette owners want something that stands out a bit more. That’s why we also offer embroidered armrests featuring your choice of the Corvette logo or several other popular options. 

When Should You Consider Replacing a C6 Interior Armrest?

As with many interior parts and components, armrests can experience wear and tear over time. They can also show signs of cracking or fading due to long-term exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Spilled beverages can leave permanent stains that detract from the appearance. Upgrading your C6 door armrest pads gives you a quick, cost-effective solution that will make an immediate impact. 

A New Armrest Installation Is the Perfect Do-It-Yourself Project

Whether you’re in the middle of a major Corvette restoration project or you just want to make a few interior tweaks, installing new armrests is one of the less labor-intensive renovation tasks. You can handle the task yourself in relatively little time. The armrests we sell include double-sided tape that attaches to the door panel, making the job even easier. 

If you have any questions about installation, you can always turn to our experts for reliable guidance and advice. The Top Flight Automotive team offers more than 175 combined years of Corvette experience. Our mission is to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your vehicle, regardless of generation or model. 

About Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive is a proud member of the Extra Mile Brands family. This group of companies has been serving the needs of Corvette owners like you for more than four decades. All our parts offer the highest quality. Whether you’re renovating a classic ‘Vette from the wheels up or making upgrades to a newer model, you can use our products with complete confidence. And when you choose us as your Corvette parts supplier, you also get the convenience of 24/7 online ordering.

Many Ways to Save Money on Your Corvette Parts

If you buy parts for your ‘Vette frequently, we offer several solutions to keep costs under control. As you explore our site, you’ll discover that we sell many of our products at prices well below MSRP.  We also encourage you to sign up to receive our special email promotions that provide even more savings.  And with our innovative tiered loyalty program, the more you buy, the larger the discount you’ll receive. 

Fast Shipping and Delivery

Do you need parts quickly to get your Corvette ready for that upcoming car show or long-awaited road trip? With our same-day shipping for most in-stock items, you can get what you need with time to spare. What’s more, you never have to meet any restrictive ordering requirements. You can get as few or as many parts as you need.

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