C1 Chevrolet Corvette Dashboard Assembly

C1 Corvette Dash

There is no denying the C1 Corvette is one of the most collectible sports cars of all time. With production dating back to 1953, the famed C1 is prized by sports car enthusiasts from all around the world, and most of them will go to great lengths just for a chance to sit in the cabin area. 

Whether you’ve recently acquired America’s “dream car” or have cherished a first-generation Corvette for years, it’s important to keep the interior parts in top shape for resale value, award shows and ownership satisfaction. One of the first areas to deteriorate on a vintage car is the dash. These surfaces are exposed to fingerprints, UV rays, changing temperatures and moisture from inclement weather. If you notice cracks, scuffs or peeling, it’s time to treat your favorite ride to a reproduction C1 dash pad from Top Flight Automotive.

C1 Corvette Dashboards for Famous Model Years

Chevrolet fans adore the interior design of original C1 models. These classic cars are famous for their bright color schemes across the door panels, seats, steering wheels and, of course, the dashboard. At Top Flight Automotive, we’re proud to stock our online store with C1 dash pads in eye-catching colors just like the ones that rolled out of the Chevrolet factory over 60 years ago.

Browse for a perfect match with listings organized by make, model and year. We’re your go-to source for C1 dashboards that install without the need for interior modification. Erase marks from time or previous owners with listings suitable for popular model years, including:

  • 1958.
  • 1959.
  • 1960.
  • 1961.
  • 1962.

A Variety of C1 Reproduction Corvette Dashes

Top Flight Automotive is the largest manufacturer of Corvette parts anywhere. We connect sports car collectors to industry-leading products preferred by restoration specialists for a proper fit and pristine appearance. Our reproduction C1 dash pads are crafted to meet or exceed original specifications of the Chevrolet factory, with a focus on shape, texture and durability.

Installing one of our reproduction C1 dashboards is the closest you can get to a factory original. Choose from Chevy-inspired shades of Black, Blue, Charcoal, Fawn, Red and Turquoise to take first place in judging competitions.

Why Purchase Our Reproduction C1 Dashes?

Reproduction C1 dashes from Top Flight Automotive fit your vehicle like a glove. We’re constantly improving our manufacturing practices to provide you with the most accurate builds on the market. Benefit from the following materials for long-lasting restoration results:

  • Strong vinyl and ABS outer skins
  • Reinforced structural layers that hold shape
  • Foam cores to absorb minor bumps on the road

The days of staring at imperfections inside your C1’s cabin are over. Maintain an authentic look and feel with reproduction dashes that sit perfectly along interior vents, radio controls, gauges and trim pieces.

Shop Online and Contact Us With Questions

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies assisting those in the Corvette community for more than 40 years. We understand the desire to keep classic cars in excellent shape, so we introduce you to the largest product portfolio of interior and exterior parts online. Keep in mind that all of our staff members speak fluent Corvette, so we’ll be happy to assist with your restoration project during normal business hours.

Place an order for a reproduction dash, and reach out with questions about any of our listings.

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