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Restoration experts around the world recognize the name TMI for interior and exterior products. When seeking cutting-edge upgrades for vintage and 21st Century Mustangs, Top Flight Automotive partners with this manufacturer to deliver high-quality parts and accessories you can trust. Take a look at our collection of TMI products to rejuvenate Mustang seating within fan-favorite models loved throughout their history.

TMI Seat Covers

Ford Mustangs feature some of the most spacious cabin areas in the sports car market. Able to seat up to four passengers, interior designs from the Ford factory have always channeled racing-inspired colors, superior comfort and durable upholsteries for a stylish appearance from the driver’s seat. 

If your Mustang has had multiple owners or you use a current model as a daily driver, your stock seat covers may have seen better days. Sports car seating is prone to wear and tear each time you enter and exit the cockpit. Now that select variants are over 50 years old, you may notice tears, stress creases, stains and fading materials, but Top Flight Automotive is here with cost-friendly solutions for a factory-fresh or custom look. 

We have a variety of seat covers from industry-leading manufacturers, including TMI, for replica-style replacements that give your favorite ride an all-new life. Impress friends, family and fellow Mustang fans with selections available in all original Ford colors!

Why Install TMI Seat Covers?

TMI interior covers at Top Flight Automotive are ideal for Bench, Bucket, High Back, Low Back and Sport style seating for all six Mustang generations. Officially licensed by the Ford Motor Company, there is no better way to get year-specific stitching and comfort inserts for new seat foam installations. Products on our online store showcase the strongest vinyl materials in the industry, and piping is 23 times thicker than competing cover upholsteries using vinyl-wrapped cord.

Purchasing TMI seat covers makes the restoration and upgrade process simple as orders are available in front and rear sets with included center armrest pieces. From two-tone color options to zig-zag patterns, drivers can dress up coupes, convertibles or Fastbacks in no time. Seat covers by TMI are crafted in the United States and come in eye-catching reproduction colors including:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Palomino
  • White
  • Ivy gold
  • And more

For desirable results, install seat covers on new seat foam. Speak to one of our sales representatives during normal business hours for assistance with the selection process.

TMI Leather Seat Upholstery

Changing out original Mustang seat covers gives you full control over the cabin area. If you’re going to dump hours into restoration projects, why not upgrade the interior seats for a timeless appearance? For customers looking to enhance comfort beyond factory specifications, Top Flight Automotive presents all-leather options for vehicles classic and new.

Genuine leather seat covers turn heads at Ford outings and the race track. The sky is the limit at Top Flight Automotive, as our inventory is always expanding with the latest products in two-tone and solid color schemes. You can dress up your collector car with leather seat covers that include pieces for headrests, backings and bucket seat platforms.

We have leather seat covers with aggressive Mustang logos to represent specific releases in your collection. Consider placing an order for seat cover upgrades with signature Pony visuals or Cobra accents to separate yourself from others on the road. All of our TMI leather products offer exceptional strength and wipe clean for long-term styling.

TMI Vinyl Seat Covers

Part of the fun of owning a Mustang is getting to customize interior parts with your personality in mind. For our racing fans out there, Top Flight Automotive carries vinyl seat covers in exciting designs. These products are a great way to replace your upholstery without breaking the bank, as we have both bucket and bench seat styles.

TMI vinyl covers are the thickest replacements you can find for vintage cars in the modern era. Depending on your vehicle’s production year, you will find seat covers with bench armrest upholstery for a perfect match across the cabin. Whether you love vibrant patterns or are attracted to shades of the 1960s, we have something for everyone.

Vinyl seat covers are incredibly durable and serve as an ideal solution if your Mustang is a daily driver. These products resemble genuine leather at a lower price point.

TMI Cloth Seat Covers

Replacing your stock seat covers with cloth materials is smart for those looking for low-maintenance alternatives to leather and vinyl. If you frequently travel with pets, cloth upholstery is your go-to seating solution. Just place cloth seat covers in your Mustang and vacuum occasionally to combat dirt and debris.

Top Flight Automotive sales representatives will gladly steer you toward the soft and supportive cloth seat covers that look best in your ride. Discover compatible products for your Mustang in colors such as Academy Blue, Canyon Red and Charcoal. We’ll help you treat GT, Fox Body, Cobra models and more with interior upgrades they deserve!

TMI Ford Mustang Seat Foam Options

The professionals at Top Flight Automotive highly recommend replacing your Mustang’s seat foam if you see that factory materials are breaking apart. In fact, all of our TMI seat covers are designed to fit seat foam upgrades like a glove. We stock everything from 1964 rear bench seat foam to Sport styles of the 1993 Fox Body era.

For those new to restorations, seat foam is what exists underneath leather, vinyl and cloth upholsteries. The density and shape of seat foam materials contribute to overall comfort and the amount of room you have inside the cabin. Click through our available options to transform your behind-the-wheel experience.

Other TMI Interior Products

Top Flight Automotive connects our customers to a wide variety of interior products. In the event your restoration project calls for more than a seating upgrade, we bring you TMI selections for Mustang door panels, trim and roofing. Environmental conditions take a toll on the cabin area, so we help you erase years of sun exposure and weather damage with the following products:

  • Aftermarket door panels: Classic Mustangs rolled out of the Ford factory with colorful interior fabrics, armrests and doors. We’ve got ABS plastic door panels that install via pre-cut holes. TMI door panels feature historically accurate patterns of the 1960s with chrome mylar trim pieces.
  • Sun visors: Swap out worn sun visors with TMI replacements in factory colors. Browse by your Mustang’s model year for installations that resemble first-generation accessories.
  • Roof headliners: Top Flight Automotive is home to aftermarket headliners for 1960s and 1970s Mustangs. Apply factory-correct layers to interior roof surfaces in Fastback and coupe builds.

TMI Mustang Exterior Products: Protective Top Boots

At Top Flight Automotive, we know the value of first-generation Mustang releases. If you have a 1960s convertible in your garage, we offer top boot covers that sit over removable panels when in the open position. Place an order for some of our best-selling colors from TMI, such as:

  • Dark Ivy Gold
  • Nugget Gold
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Red
  • White
  • Ivy Green
  • Black
  • Ginger 
  • Turquoise

Boot covers seal off roof components when the top is down, saving you from dealing with grime that accumulates over an extended period of time. Match the rear seats or go with a unique color to customize your classic car.

Shop Top Flight Automotive for TMI Seat Covers and More

Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop shop for Mustang parts and accessories, and our online store is constantly growing with the latest additions for past and present models. As a part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, our team is made up of professionals serving the Mustang community for over 40 years. Other than upholsteries, our inventory is stocked with replacement floor mats, carpets, dash pad assemblies and more to help you take first place in award shows and judging competitions.

For further details regarding TMI seat covers or to place an order, reach out to Top Flight Automotive today!

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