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Sports car enthusiasts know how the Ford Mustang has evolved since its debut back in 1964. However, even during the early production years, Ford engineered the Mustang for up to four passengers. After years of making memories with friends and family, it is common for stock interior carpets and materials to show signs of wear and tear thanks to moisture, dirt, spills and everyday use. At Top Flight Automotive, we cater our online store to Mustang models from all six generations with style mats for each section of your vehicle.

From driver-side flooring to rear cargo areas, our experts help keep your collector car in pristine condition for car shows, judging competitions and life’s next adventure!

Benefits of Mustang Mats

A matching set of interior floor mats helps protect factory carpets running along the inside of your Mustang’s cockpit. With a variety of products officially licensed by the Ford Motor Company, you can find aftermarket mats for muscle cars no longer in production. Add rubber, PVC or carpet mats to your 1964-2018 Mustang to maintain resale value and ownership satisfaction.

Top Flight Automotive wants to help you achieve a factory-fresh or custom appearance inside your Mustang, so we offer selections from industry-leading manufacturers such as Auto Custom Carpets, Inc. for four-piece sets pre-cut to your release’s exact dimensions. Eliminate the guesswork behind finding compatible mats with the following listings organized by Mustang make, model and year:

  • Rubber and PVC mats
  • 80/20 loop mats
  • Nylon loop mats
  • Front and rear complete sets
  • Trunk mats
  • Mustang mat logos

Gain access to original-style replica floor mats with non-skid bottoms, racing stripes and embroidered pony emblems.


Front floor mats are one of the first things you see as you step foot in your Mustang. Depending on your driving applications, you may only need to swap out the mats that sit along the front end of your vehicle. For your shopping convenience, Top Flight Automotive carries two-piece Mustang floor mat sets that install in seconds for a seamless upgrade inside the cabin.

You must find floor mats that sit correctly below the acceleration and brake pedals, so our products drop into place just like factory originals. Replacing your Mustang’s front mats gives you complete control over the cabin with benefits such as sound isolation improvements, plush comfort and numerous Ford-inspired colors to choose from.

Order multiple shades to mix and match the left and right side of the cockpit, or stick to one color to bring your ride an all-new life. Two-piece Mustang mats are available for classic Mustangs with years spanning from 1965-1973. Kickstart your restoration project with the following color options:

  • Dark blue
  • Ivy gold
  • Red
  • Saddle
  • Maroon
  • Dark green
  • Aqua
  • Black
  • And more


Rear floor mats are your primary level of defense against heavy foot traffic. If you travel with friends and family, Top Flight Automotive stocks our inventory with rear floor mats in multi-piece bundles for popular Mustang releases. Filter your search to find compatible rear mats for the following:

  • First-generation Shelby models
  • Fox Body releases
  • New Edge styles
  • S197
  • S550
  • SN95


At Top Flight Automotive, we understand that everyone has a different vision for their first-generation Mustang. If you’re interested in replacing all of the protective mats in your vehicle, we supply four-piece sets for a perfect match across the cabin area. The days of paying top dollar for used mats are in the past, as we eliminate hurdles for projects large and small.

Mustang owners are often surprised at what a new set of mats can do for a vehicle. With select first-generation Mustangs being over 50 years old, four-piece sets from Auto Custom Carpets and Scott Drake rejuvenate your vintage ride to help you take first place in a competition. Consider the following information to guide your purchase:

  • PVC mats: These products resemble what rolled out of production lines throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Installations are historically accurate and remain easy to clean with GT racing stripe molds.
  • Carpet mats: Carpet mat sets come in several stock colors and showcase signature Mustang logos for a custom approach to restoration.


Sports car fans recognize the Mustang brand by the signature pony emblem. You can separate your collector car from others on the road with floor mats featuring detailed Tri-Bar stitching. Passengers will have no trouble identifying your vehicle with the running horse centered along your floor mats.

The Mustang running horse represents more than five decades of racing success, so channel your inner Mustang pride with accent stitching in red, white, blue and beige. Tri-Bar pony emblem mats come in your choice of two-piece or four-piece sets. Note that the running horse is present on front mats only.

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Top Flight Automotive supports generations of restoration, style and performance with Mustang parts and accessories that install without vehicle modification. As part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, our team consists of knowledgeable professionals that have been serving the Mustang community for over 40 years. Look no further than our online store for everything you need to transform the look of your iconic muscle car inside and out.

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