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The evolution of the Ford Mustang stretches over 55 years of production. Engineers at the Ford factory tried to make each vehicle series stand out by altering the shape of coupes, convertibles and fastbacks from the inside out. This development included changing the front-end dashboard, which is home to a series of vents and controls.

Top Flight Automotive is passionate about all Ford Mustang generations, and we give drivers access to affordable parts that rejuvenate the cabin. Whether you own a 1965-1973 Classic Mustang or an aerodynamic variant of the S550 generation, our online store is your premier source for reproduction dash pads and other accessories that keep interior surfaces looking pristine. Impress judges in competition, turn heads in parades and bring your restoration vision to life thanks to our interior solutions.

What Is a Reproduction Mustang Dash Pad?

Until recently, the only way to restore your Mustang’s dashboard was to hunt for used parts. This search could take anywhere from months to years, and you’d have to pay an exorbitant price for the correct original equipment manufacturer (OEM) piece for your project. Top Flight Automotive’s reproduction Mustang dash pads are new parts with the same dimensions and textures as original installations.

You can change out your scuffed and stained OEM dash pad with a cost-friendly replacement that exceeds the Ford factory’s durability standards. Our Ford Mustang dash panels are available in original Ford color schemes.

Benefits of Replacing Your OEM Mustang Dash Pad

A Mustang’s dashboard experiences wear and tear over years of driving. This front-facing installation can see UV rays, condensation, temperature shifts and other damaging conditions depending on your storage location and driving habits. Over time, factory installations deteriorate, creating an eyesore in your Mustang’s cabin.

Replacing your OEM dash pad refreshes your favorite ride. Our Mustang dash panels arrive with pre-drilled mounting holes that work with existing hardware, so you can install them without guesswork or permanent modifications. Swap out your cracking and warping dash pad with the help of Top Flight Automotive. Review the details below to see how replacing your current Mustang dash pad benefits your vehicle:

  • Upgraded parts enhance collector and resale value.
  • A perfect fit stops loose pieces from rattling.
  • You can choose from numerous colors.
  • Our OEM-inspired listings create a historically accurate look.
  • Aftermarket dash pads line up with instrument clusters and vents.

About Ford Mustang Dash Pads at Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive is one of the largest suppliers of Mustang parts online. What’s more, we only offer world-class merchandise for your restoration needs. Shopping at our online store is the best way to find compatible Ford Mustang dash pads from manufacturers you can trust, such as American Car Craft, Auto Accessories of America, Dashes Direct and Scott Drake.

Most of our Mustang dash pads follow OEM tooling specifications with outstanding accuracy. Swap out your worn Mustang dash pad in just a few hours using a direct-fit replacement for your model year.

1965-1973 Classic Mustang Dash Pads

Vehicles from the Classic Mustang era are some of the most impressive sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s. Select variants have over 250 horsepower in stock form. If you enter your vehicle into award shows, choosing a Dashes Direct reproduction dash pad is an excellent way to achieve a factory-fresh appearance with minimal guesswork.

Top Flight Automotive carries reproduction dash pads for 1965-1973 Classic Mustangs. Our products are the closest you can get to an authentic OEM dash pad at a fraction of the price. Most listings by Dashes Direct have a tough outer skin, foam core and rigid substrate for an installation that will hold its shape for years to come.

If you’re on a tight restoration budget, we also supply urethane-based products from Dashes Direct. Urethane dash pads look similar to reproduction dash pads with Ford tooling, and they provide a clean fit. However, Dashes Direct uses alternative molding techniques for quick production turnarounds. These products ship with hardware for a seamless installation.

1979-1993 Foxbody Mustang Dash Pads

Do you want to customize your Foxbody Mustang? The unibody chassis build of the Foxbody era is iconic to this day, so Top Flight Automotive allows you to swap out your deteriorating Mustang dashboard with selections by Scott Drake.

Our Mustang dash panel offerings for the Foxbody generation feature the same vinyl materials Ford used throughout 1979-1993 production runs. Top Flight Automotive takes pride in our expanding online store full of products for your Foxbody Mustang. Dress up interior surfaces with Scott Drake dash pads in shades of blue, light gray, dark gray, red and black.

S197 and S550 Mustang Dashboard Trims

The S197 Mustang generation is popular among collectors because vehicles from 2005 to 2014 started a retro movement in the world of performance cars. If the trims sitting near your S197 dash have seen better days, turn to Top Flight Automotive for accessories that draw attention to radio controls, air conditioning vents and other interior components. Our professionals bring you add-ons from American Car Craft that leave cabin surfaces looking futuristic with a polished satin finish.

Top Flight Automotive also offers Mustang dashboard pieces for S550 vehicles to celebrate 50 years of cutting-edge designs. Browse our collection of air conditioning vent trims with colorful vinyl inlays. Polished satin trims arrive with etchings of your choice that read “Coyote,” “Mustang” or “2.3T” when in the closed position.

Shop Mustang Dash Panels at Top Flight Automotive

The Top Flight Automotive online store is available to you 24/7/365 for your restoration convenience. We know how hard it can be to find parts for Mustang builds no longer in production, so we set out to solve that problem with an inventory that constantly expands with new arrivals. Only at Top Flight Automotive can you benefit from a team with over 175 years of combined industry experience to identify components and accessories for your favorite ride.

Take advantage of no minimum orders and price match guarantees when you rely on Top Flight Automotive for Mustang dash panels and more. We’re part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies that classic car enthusiasts recognize for supporting the Ford community for over four decades. Place your order today, and reach out online with questions and inquiries.

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