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Ford Mustang models are some of the most attractive sports cars of American history. First seeing production during the mid-1960s, early Mustang models quickly gained popularity through unique body builds, racing success and exposure on the big screen. Even 50 years after launch, the Ford Motor Company continues to evolve the Mustang to excite the interest of sports car enthusiasts everywhere. These vehicles are available with comfortable cabin areas, numerous performance packages and six different generations to choose from.

Here at Top Flight Automotive, we understand the desire to customize your favorite ride for a sleek appearance. That’s why we cater to releases of the past and present with a variety of Mustang brake caliper covers and stickers on our online store. If you own a fourth, fifth or sixth-generation vehicle, be sure to browse our inventory for listings with engraved logos and scripts that turn heads and strike up conversation.


A set of caliper covers is a cost-friendly way to transform your Mustang wheels for a racing-inspired appearance. Whether you just replaced your factory rims or want to reduce the accumulation of brake dust on your favorite ride, our caliper covers install in about one hour for a quick upgrade project. Your stock caliper configurations from the Ford Motor Company may show wear and tear after years of use, so treat your Mustang to products that make those wheels look better than new.

Mustang caliper covers from Top Flight Automotive are manufactured to fit your original brake components like a glove. These installations are removable if you ever want to go back to a factory look, and we include all fastening equipment for a seamless mounting process. Check out our inventory to find Mustang brake caliper covers for world-famous builds like these:

  • GT
  • GT350
  • GT500
  • Mach 1
  • New Edge
  • SN95
  • SVT Cobra
  • Boss 302
  • S197
  • S550 


Top Flight Automotive is passionate about connecting Mustang fans to high-quality parts and accessories, so we partner with top-of-the-line brands like MGP Caliper Covers for two- and four-piece kits. Re-imagine your fourth-, fifth- or sixth-generation Mustang using products engineered with aerospace-grade aluminum for a long-lasting investment.

MGP Caliper Covers are available in aggressive shades of red, black and yellow to add something extra to your Mustang’s wheel wells. Unlike other caliper covers on the market, these selections are powder coated for durability and arrive with stainless steel fastening clips that install without the need for permanent modifications. Order front and rear Mustang caliper covers for popular variants including the GT, Mach 1, S197, S550 and beyond.

MGP caliper covers feature engraved lettering and imagery from iconic vehicles in the Mustang lineup. Choose one of the following for logos visible through your vehicle’s wheel spokes:

  • Cobra snakes
  • Tri-Bar pony emblems
  • Mach 1 texts
  • GT logos
  • Shelby texts
  • SVT scripts
  • Ford oval emblems
  • 3.7 lettering
  • 5.0 lettering


Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, and we’re proud to work with a team that has assisted the Mustang community for over 40 years. Browse our online store to discover Mustang brake caliper stickers, covers and other accessories ideal for budgets large and small. If you need assistance with the ordering process or have questions about compatibility, reach out to us online at any time and we’ll be happy to help.

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