Ford Mustang Disc Brake Pad Set

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Ford Mustang Disc Brake Pad Sets

Every muscle car needs exceptional brake components. Put your best foot forward during repair and restoration jobs with brake solutions engineered for first- through sixth-generation Mustangs. Whether you own a retired or new ‘Stang, you’ll find the pads you’re looking for with Top Flight Automotive.

Mustang Brake Pad Kits From Leading Manufacturers

From carbon fiber and ceramic brake pads to metallic pads, our catalog features all of the parts you need to improve brake performance. We stock solutions from leading manufacturers like Auto Accessories of America, Hawk Performance, Motorcraft, Porterfield Racing Brake Pads, PowerStop and Raybestos.

Shop Mustang brake technology using search filters to find a compatible match for your vehicle.

Auto Accessories of America Mustang Brake Pads

Our catalog features direct-fit disc brake pads from Auto Accessories of America. The solutions we carry for Classic, SN95, New Edge and S197 ‘Stangs allow you to achieve a level of brake response that’s the same or better than the stock pads from Ford. Replace front and rear brake pads with four-piece kits that come with parts resembling original equipment manufacturer (OEM) pads in color, texture and thickness.

Hawk Performance Mustang Disc Brake Pads

Choose from several disc brake pad styles brought to you by Hawk Performance to dissipate heat efficiently. Hawk Performance brake pad sets are available in front and rear sets. Note that these parts are engineered for iron and metal rotors only.

Disc Brake Pad Sets From PowerStop

Top Flight Automotive sells carbon-fiber ceramic brake pad sets from PowerStop, one of the most reputable names in the industry. See technology for disc brakes that outperform stock pads in every way. Drive comfortably knowing PowerStop brake pads are effective in eliminating noise and brake dust. You can achieve the brake response you’ve always wanted for your Fox Body, SN95, New Edge, S197 or S550 Mustang.

Some PowerStop listings ship with stainless steel hardware and lubricants to keep your brake system working to your expectations. Rely on thermal-scorched brake pads that break in faster than other upgrades on the market.

Get New Mustang Brake Pads From Top Flight Automotive

Shopping for brake pads is simple with Top Flight Automotive. Our collection of pads is hand-selected by our staff, and we list compatibility information online so you know what to expect. Stay confident during DIY jobs — you can fasten disc brake pads from our catalog without irreversible alterations.

We mean it when we say there are brake components for every type of driver across our site. If you’re new to completing projects independently, you can ask us for advice, too. Click through our listings and order front and rear Mustang brake pads online!

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