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Ford Mustang Body Kits

The Ford Mustang has always been a performance car that appealed to young drivers and those searching for the next trend in the automotive world. Designer Lee Iacocca imagined America’s favorite pony car when he set out to build a vehicle that would cost consumers one dollar per pound. His vision for the Ford Motor Company’s next release would completely change the way drivers and automakers view sports car styling, aerodynamics and cabin features over 50 years later.

The first Ford Mustang was available to consumers in 1965, and auto enthusiasts have been obsessed with the line ever since. Each new vehicle generation looks different from its predecessor, and the sheer amount of power you feel behind the wheel enthralls drivers. These qualities make it clear that Ford Mustang and its signature four-seat layout are here to stay. Restoration fans run wild with the number of exterior customizations they can perform to make these pony cars stand out even further.

If you have a Mustang in your garage, Top Flight Automotive is your source for exterior body kits. Our products update your vehicle’s appearance and make it possible to complete your dream restoration.

What Are Mustang Body Kits?

Mustang body kits are for drivers that want to customize their Ford sports car beyond the production factory’s specifications. Vehicle owners install exterior body kits for cosmetic and performance benefits. These products give your Ford Mustang model a racing-inspired feel with the bonus of reducing aerodynamic drag.

All Mustang body kits help your vehicle slice through the air for noticeable handling improvements. Whether you enter racing competitions or want to cater exterior surfaces to fit your personality, Top Flight Automotive gives you access to complete bundles from famous brands like APR Performance, American Car Craft, Mr. Mustang and Scott Drake.

Benefits of Ford Mustang Body Kits

Purchasing a Ford Mustang body kit gives you the freedom to shave weight off your performance vehicle. Each body kit differs slightly from the next, but the goal is to boost style and performance without investing in an entirely new Mustang. Give your Mustang release a lowered appearance, reach top speeds with less wind interference and even increase fuel efficiency based on your selection.

Most of our offerings have carbon fiber or fiberglass materials that are paint-to-match. Reimagining your Ford Mustang variant is simple, thanks to body kit listings that you can mount without cutting or welding exterior parts. Since you can change your vehicle’s appearance without making permanent modifications, you can always revert to OEM configurations if you ever want to sell or repurpose your Mustang in the future. Other advantages of body kits include:

  • Increasing tire traction with downforce.
  • Spending less money at the pump.
  • Minimizing cabin vibrations at top speeds.
  • Making classic cars more modern.
  • Cornering on the track with better stability.
  • Changing out parts that show rust or damage.

We Have an Extensive Collection of Ford Mustang Aero Kits

Ford fanatics gravitate to different Mustang generations according to their driving applications. Top Flight Automotive carries Mustang body kits and performance parts for iconic releases from the Classic, SN95, S197 and S550 eras to help you get the most out of your investments. Shop our online store by production year for a compatible Ford Mustang aero kit.

Classic Mustang Body Kits and Attachments

Ford equipped some classic Mustangs with over 250 horsepower, making them ideal for track use. If your OEM exterior parts show their age, Top Flight Automotive allows you to erase dings and bumps with fiberglass front nose pieces from California Pony Cars. Dress up your 1960s Shelby Fastback without having to settle for pre-owned parts from a secondhand seller.

Top Flight Automotive is also home to rear-deck spoiler kits that rejuvenate the back end of Mach 1 performance Mustangs. Fasten the back-end spoiler at the same angle of OEM installations for a direct-fit upgrade.

SN95 and New Edge Mustang Body Kits

Ever wish your SN95 or New Edge Mustang had a rear wing? Top Flight Automotive partners with APR Performance to bring you innovative technology for extra downforce. Mount the GTC-200 rear wing kit for a lightweight enhancement that fits the contours of your vehicle.

The GTC-200 rear wing includes all mounting hardware for your 1996-2004 Mustang. UV-resistant coatings keep your purchase looking like new for years to come.

S197 Ford Mustang Widebody Kits

Ford engineers Mustang widebody kits to improve handling by increasing the front-end stance of your performance car. Mount larger wheel assemblies and tires for maximum grip on changing terrains. Some of our bestselling options from APR Performance come with at least ten pieces that complement factory doors, grilles and trims. Browse our inventory for select S197 Ford Mustang aero kits that come with the following:

  • Widebody front and rear bumpers components
  • Splitter (carbon fiber)
  • Fender pieces
  • Side skirt attachments
  • Quarter panels
  • Gas lid

S550 Ford Mustang Body Kits and Performance Parts

The S550 Mustang series describes all releases from 2015 to the present day. Ford enthusiasts look to these current models for powerful Voodoo engines capable of providing over 500 horsepower in stock configurations. If you have one of the Mustang brand’s latest variants, consider S550 body kits and attachments showcasing stainless steel accents for an eye-catching touch.

Our suppliers manufacture many of our S550 Mustang ground effects kits and attachments in the United States. Top Flight Automotive enables you to piece together exterior upgrades how you see fit with the following products available individually:


  • Adjustable rear wings
  • Front bumper canards
  • Style spoilers
  • Gurney flaps
  • Side plates

Place Your Order for a Mustang Ground Effects Kit Today

Find all the exterior Mustang parts you require for restoration and customization projects by shopping at Top Flight Automotive. Our friendly sales team takes calls during our regular business hours to help you select options compatible with your vehicle. We have most items available in stock and ready to ship the day of your purchase.

Top Flight Automotive takes your Mustang upgrade vision seriously, and we’re part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, working with Ford fans for over four decades. Shop our Mustang body kits, and contact us for further information about our products!

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