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Ford Mustang Interior Paints and Dyes

There are several reasons to paint or dye interior Mustang surfaces. Some drivers aim to rejuvenate older surfaces to match stock color schemes from the Ford Motor Company. Others opt to alter the look of the cabin to create a vehicle that steps outside the norm. Whatever your goal, Top Flight Automotive is your source for interior paint and dye sprays that can give your ride a new sense of character.

Paints, Adhesives and Dyes Worth Your Time

Quality counts when it comes to interior paints and dyes. Choose selections from credible manufacturers to forget about smears, bubbles and surfaces peeling away. At Top Flight Automotive, we apply more than 175 years of combined experience to stock our inventory with the best interior paints and dyes. Bring your vision for your sports car to life using high-quality solutions from brands like CA and Scott Drake.

Interior Sprays and Adhesives in Different Shades

While the interior paints and dyes you see on our site will work for any Mustang, most of our offerings are based on interior color schemes seen during the first-generation (1965-1973) Classic Mustang era. Whether you’re restoring a Classic ‘Stang or you want to bring signature colors to a newer model, Top Flight Automotive has you covered.

Some of the most popular Mustang interior paints, dyes and sprays are in the shades below:

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Dark Red
  • Emberglo
  • Light Nugget Gold
  • Light Palomino
  • Medium Ivy Green
  • Medium Vermillion

Ford Mustang Automotive Spray Adhesives

Take on interior projects with automotive spray adhesives from CA that allow you to fix new carpet and upholstery materials on cabin surfaces. Top Flight Automotive offers glue-like formulas you can apply from a user-friendly aerosol can. Spray Adhesives allow the paints and sprays to adhere better and increase the life of your paint job.

Follow the instructions on the automotive spray adhesive cans for the best results.

Mustang Interior Vinyl Spray Dyes for Sale

Top Flight Automotive offers interior vinyl dyes to help you reimagine your vehicle’s seats. The dye sprays we stock from Scott Drake are ideal for restoration and customization work. Touch up your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seats or choose a different dye color for a custom look.

Many of the Scott Drake interior vinyl dyes we sell leave a metallic sheen that highlights the contours of the seat foam underneath the upholstery. Choose interior vinyl dyes that are made to resemble color schemes available during key points in the Mustang’s history. Design your own two-tone seats or go with a single paint color for the entire cabin.

Turn to Top Flight Automotive for Mustang Interior Paints and Dyes

Treat your muscle car with the level of respect it deserves when you select interior solutions from a team that knows each Mustang generation inside and out. Top Flight Automotive is a one-stop shop for all of the components you need for your next project. Shop our selection of interior paints, dyes, sprays and adhesives and place your order today for fast shipping!

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