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Adding a Ford Mustang to your sports car collection is a great idea if you enjoy sleek body builds, comfortable interior seats, a racing pedigree and plenty of room for customization. The Mustang brand continues to surprise sports car fans even into the modern era with aggressive Coyote V8 engines under the hood, performance packages providing over 700 horsepower and aerodynamic shapes engineered for high-speed stability. 

At Top Flight Automotive, we understand that your Mustang is calling for performance upgrades, so we stock our inventory with side skirt attachments for fifth- and sixth-generation releases.

Mustangs roll out of the Ford factory with striking exterior paint jobs, contoured surfaces and eye-catching trim pieces. Installing a set of side skirts on your favorite ride draws attention to your vehicle doors and rims thanks to components that add visual contrast. Partnering with Top Flight Automotive lets you treat your fifth- or sixth-generation Mustang to an exterior upgrade manufactured by APR Performance or American Car Craft.


Side skirts sit below vehicle doors to prevent high levels of pressure from moving underneath the body while in motion. When driving at top speeds, airflow moves across the surfaces of your vehicle from front to back. Side skirts close the gap between your Mustang’s frame and the road so those forces glide in a linear fashion, which reduces dangerous lift.

The area below your Mustang has a low level of pressure when compared to surfaces on top of the car. Equipping your fifth or sixth-generation Mustang with side skirts is highly beneficial if you recently mounted parts like rocker panels, splitters and vortex generators for your racing applications. If you’re on the fence about installing Mustang side skirts on your GT, GT500, S197 or S550, the benefits of these exterior attachments include:

  • Handling control when cornering.
  • Blocking dirt and debris from kicking up.
  • Better gas mileage.
  • Increased downforce.


Top Flight Automotive brings customers APR Performance products for your 2005-2009 S197 Mustang. Place an order for carbon-fiber extensions that withstand anything you dish out on the race track thanks to materials that offer exceptional durability. These side skirts arrive in black and weigh just ten pounds for a lightweight accessory that keeps you in control behind the wheel.

Stop air from shifting below your Mustang with pieces that install without the need for exterior modifications. Use pre-cut mounting holes and step-by-step instructions for clean results.


Sixth-generation Mustang side skirt overlays by American Car Craft are the perfect way to dress up your 2015-2016 S550 release. Brushed stainless steel options feature the iconic Mustang script and are officially licensed by the Ford Motor Company for a pristine appearance. Place these accessories over your factory skirts through a peel-and-stick process and benefit from 304 stainless steel construction that will not corrode, tarnish or fade.


Top Flight Automotive serves collectors, restoration experts and DIY enthusiasts with an expanding inventory of parts and accessories for the Ford Mustang. Being connected to the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, we’re part of a 40-year history of providing parts and services to fans of the Ford Motor Company. Browse our online store for Mustang rocker panels and side skirts today, and reach out to us online with any questions about our merchandise or services.

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