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Integrating fuel injection systems is a common upgrade for older Ford Mustangs. These systems deliver fuel to an engine in a controlled manner for efficiency and performance improvements. If your muscle car is equipped with a standard carburetor and you’d like to switch to a fuel injection setup, Top Flight Automotive offers the parts you need.

Impressive Fuel Injection Technology for Your Mustang

Top Flight Automotive is dedicated to finding, researching and supplying you with fuel injection technology that’s worthwhile for your ride.

A kit or component has to impress our team to land a spot in our catalog. We stock retro fuel injection offerings from trusted manufacturers, like Holley, MSD and Ron Morris Performance — many of which are based in the U.S. We also source parts you can trust from reputable manufacturers worldwide.

All Types of Mustang Fuel Injection Parts Available

The Ford Mustang adopted fuel injection technology in 1984 during the Fox Body era. It’s possible to convert vehicles from previous generations to modern setups, too. Get the exact parts and kits you need to make your Ford Mustang live up to your expectations for performance.

We sell a range of fuel injection upgrades for your Mustang that are hard to find elsewhere:

  • Accelerometers
  • Computer chip programmers
  • Distributors
  • Electric fuel pumps
  • Engine crankshaft position sensors
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor kits
  • Fuel hose kits
  • Fuel injection conversion kits
  • Fuel injection harnesses
  • Fuel injection throttle bodies
  • Idle air control valves
  • Ignition coils
  • Instrument clusters
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Traction control modules
  • Turbocharger boost solenoids

Mustang Fuel Injection Conversion Kits for Sale

Trying to add a fuel injection system to a retired Mustang? Top Flight Automotive is your source for fuel injection conversion kits for Classic and Fox Body series vehicles. Some of the fuel injection conversion kits we sell from Holley allow you to tune the technology yourself.

Review the descriptions on our site to see what’s included with each conversion kit. Ford Mustang kits made by Holley offer an efficient way to get a throttle body, electric control unit (ECU) and monitor together.

Ford Mustang Idle Air Control Valves

A series of parts make up your Mustang’s fuel system. One of the most important pieces across your setup is the idle air control valve. The device communicates with your Mustang’s ECU to ensure there is enough airflow moving to the engine for quiet, smooth idling.

With Top Flight Automotive, you can purchase idle air control valve replacements. Prevent your Ford Mustang from stuttering when stopped at traffic lights and stop signs.

Work With Top Flight Automotive for Fuel Injection Components and Kits

Making upgrades to a Ford Mustang should be something you look forward to. Top Flight Automotive gives you the flexibility to search for fuel injection components and kits by vehicle generation and year for a straightforward shopping experience. Add the fuel injection parts you want to the cart and purchase from our site in seconds — most in-stock items ship the same day you order!

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