Ford Mustang Instrument Panel

Ford Mustang Instrument Panels

Each dial and gauge on your Ford Mustang’s instrument panel offers critical insights. Maybe parts of your instrument panel are giving you trouble or you want a new display behind the wheel. Whatever your vision, turn to Top Flight Automotive for the parts you need to bring it to life.

We’re your online source for Mustang instrument panel solutions that work with specific submodels and generations. Take a restoration job into your own hands with a wide range of parts that are in stock and ready to ship.

Shop Instrument Panel Parts Online

Top Flight Automotive is an online platform dedicated to providing you with interior components from top manufacturers. Shop instrument panel parts from Scott Drake, Auto Accessories of America, Mallory, Auto Meter, Dakota Digital, BBK Performance and Classic Instruments to see your muscle car from a different perspective.

Incorporate modern technology within Classic, Fox Body, SN95 and New Edge Mustangs without the guesswork. Our site is your source for the following Mustang instrument panel parts:

  • Ambient air temperature sensors
  • Automatic transmission gear position sensors
  • Boost gauges
  • Engine coolant temperature gauges
  • Engine cooling fan controllers
  • Fuel level gauges
  • Gauge bezels
  • Gauge face overlays
  • Gauge installation kits
  • Gauge wiring harnesses
  • Speedometer gauges
  • Tachometer gauges
  • Voltmeter gauges

Ford Mustang Gauge Bezels

Mustangs have decorative bezels surrounding gauges on the instrument panel. These accents contribute to your cabin’s appearance, so upgrades are necessary when the stock equipment cracks.

Our catalog is home to replacement Mustang gauge bezels designed for first- and fourth-gen models. Shop parts from Scott Drake and Auto Meter that align with stock gauges. Many of the listings on our site are available with different finishes, including brushed aluminum, black and black walnut surfaces.

Gauge Face Overlays for Mustangs

Are your Mustang’s OEM gauges fading? Upgrade this area of the cabin using gauge face overlays sold individually and in multipiece kits. Whether you like the look of all-black or all-white gauges, we provide the flexibility to personalize the instrument panel how you want. Some gauge face overlays can give your ride an aftermarket appearance with flames behind each reading.

Mustang Gauge Wiring Harnesses

Dealing with unresponsive gauges or electronics? Check out the Mustang gauge wiring harnesses for sale through Top Flight Automotive. Find wiring harnesses that plug directly into oil pressure and water temperature sending units as well as the surrounding gauges inside your vehicle.

Tachometer Gauges for Sale

Monitor how hard your engine is working with replacement tachometer gauges. We stock the technology you need to stay informed at the wheel. Ensure your Mustang engine is shifting properly for peace of mind.

Shop Our Site for Mustang Instrument Panels and Parts

When you experience a problem with your Mustang’s instrument panel, know you can turn to Top Flight Automotive for parts. Feel free to reach out to our team during business hours if you’re unsure which components are right for your needs. Shop the site and place your order today!

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