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The Ford Mustang has always been a desirable pony car. Hitting the scene with 271 horsepower, comfortable seats, two-door builds and affordable price tags, Classic Mustangs could satisfy the demands of young drivers and those in search of a weekend cruiser. Five decades later, auto enthusiasts consider first-generation Mustangs to be some of the most sought-after collector cars of our lifetime.

If you’ve added a 1964-1973 Ford Mustang to your garage, you probably want to take your investment out for a spin. You’ll need a reliable suspension system for a smooth drive, so Top Flight Automotive is here with Mustang Grab-A-Trak kits for the Classic Mustang lineup. Upgrade your vehicle’s suspension system with replacement bundles from one of the best manufacturers in the industry, Mr. Mustang. 

When worn-out components and rust interrupt your driving experience, turn to Top Flight Automotive for affordable repair solutions.

What Is a Grab-A-Trak Mustang Suspension?

Mustang Grab-A-Trak kits from Top Flight Automotive restore your Classic Mustang’s suspension system beyond original specifications. The suspension pieces included with your order are designed to give you a stiffer ride compared to those that came stock on your 1964-1973 Mustang. This goal translates to better handling response, accurate turns and less vehicle bouncing.

Most of our Mustang Grab-A-Trak bundles for sale feature high-tension leaf springs for incredible control and reduced suspension sag. Drive with confidence when you know your collector car can easily adapt to changing terrains without exhaust components hitting the ground. Top Flight Automotive can help you make your Classic Mustang drive like never before.

6 Reasons to Purchase Grab-A-Trak Kits

Mr. Mustang has been making Grab-A-Trak Mustang suspension systems since the 1990s. The suspension kits we have online allow you to fine-tune your Classic Mustang setup for an unmatched behind-the-wheel experience. If original suspension parts on your 1964-1973 Ford Mustang are shot, Top Flight Automotive offers you an affordable way to replace bushings, brackets, trail arms, shock absorbers and other connections.

All our Grab-A-Trak Mustang suspension listings mention what is included in each bundle for transparency. Our experts will help you decide which Mustang Grab-A-Trak kit is right for your applications and preferences. Purchase our Mr. Mustang products to:

  1. Achieve a stable ride.
  2. Stop your Mustang from bouncing.
  3. Experience less body lean while cornering.
  4. Eliminate rust across your existing suspension system.
  5. Improve response times at the wheel.
  6. Install your system via the original mounting holes.

When Should I Install a Mustang Grab-A-Trak Kit?

With Classic Mustangs being out of production for over four decades, your vehicle may need repairs. Top Flight Automotive’s Mustang Grab-A-Trak offerings are excellent ways to restore your 1960s or 1970s pony car without drilling, bending or manipulating outer surfaces. Our professionals make it possible to maintain the collector value of your Classic Mustang and enhance your suspension system with 21st-century technology.

Top Flight Automotive recommends our Mustang Grab-A-Trak kits if the following suspension issues apply to your car:

  • Original suspension pieces are broken or missing.
  • Your Classic Mustang’s suspension is noisy.
  • The car drifts to one side when traveling at high speeds.
  • You find it hard to control your vehicle on the track.
  • Potholes or track imperfections cause excess bouncing.
  • The car sinks when you get inside the cabin.

Build and Maintain Your Mustang Grab-A-Trak Suspension System

The professionals at Top Flight Automotive hand-select the products you see online. Whether you’re switching over to a Mustang Grab-A-Trak suspension system for the first time or you’re on the lookout for replacement parts to keep your conversion in pristine condition, we have the components you’re searching for. With Top Flight Automotive, you can give your 1964-1973 Classic Mustang the aftermarket parts it deserves.

Find the following suspension kits and pieces in our inventory:

  • Coil spring kits
  • Leaf spring shackle kits
  • Shock absorbers
  • Steering tie rod end kits
  • Suspension control arm kits
  • Suspension stabilizer bar kits
  • Suspension strut rods

Classic Mustang Grab-A-Trak Coil Spring Kits

Coil springs support your vehicle’s weight and keep your Mustang’s body from diving into the ground. Over time, suspension springs require replacement so that you can accelerate, brake and turn without hesitation. Top Flight Automotive carries various Grab-A-Trak coil springs for a standard or lowered appearance. 

Change out coil springs with direct-fit kits that arrive with a pair of springs, spring perches and polyurethane insulator pads. Our Grab-A-Trak suspension springs are engineered with steel for durability. What’s more, the coil springs come in all-black shades for a clean look below your Mustang.

Grab-A-Trak Shock Absorber Kits for Classic Mustangs

Shock absorbers are some of the hardest-working components in your vehicle’s suspension system. These parts are responsible for dampening impacts around car tires so that you have a smooth ride inside the cabin. Shock absorbers also keep your tires against the ground.

Use our Grab-A-Trak front shock absorber kits to keep your pony car ready for competition. Top Flight Automotive sells shock absorber kits for valuable Mustang model years, including 1971, 1972 and 1973 builds.

Classic Mustang Grab-A-Trak Complete Suspension Rebuild Kits

Are you restoring multiple areas of your Classic Mustang’s suspension system? Top Flight Automotive is home to several suspension starter kits to make your restoration objectives easier. Get leaf springs and a sway bar replacement in the same package. Our store features suspension bundles with standard, mid-eye and reverse eye coil springs. You can review our product descriptions to see all that is included with Grab-A-Trak starter bundles. Some of our bestselling kits include pieces like:

  • Lowering coil springs
  • Sway bar
  • Front and rear shock absorbers
  • Frame bushings and bracket
  • Upper control arm
  • Inner and outer tie rod ends

Purchase Our Mustang Grab-A-Trak Kits Online Now

The Top Flight Automotive sales team is ready to help with your restoration project. We process and ship most of the orders we receive within the same day so that you can finish your modifications with less wait time. Top Flight Automotive price matches, fulfills orders accurately and has a generous return policy in place in case you need it. 

See the difference in our products for yourself by buying Mustang Grab-A-Trak suspension kits today. You can also complete a contact form for details about compatibility and the installation process.

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