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Ford Mustang Spoilers and Rear Wings

Top Flight Automotive is your source for Mustang spoilers and rear wings for sale when you want high-quality upgrades for your Ford Mustang sports model. Browse our exterior performance parts to make aesthetic improvements and potentially see shorter lap times.

About Mustang Spoilers and Wings

Mustang spoilers reduce aerodynamic drag when attached to the front or back of your sports model. These devices also reduce the pressure forming around your vehicle that normally results in lift. Many of our spoilers for Mustangs are made of carbon fiber materials.

Our Mustang wings for sale increase downforce near your car’s rear tires, and select options are adjustable in height and angle. A Mustang rear wing’s goal is to maintain traction.

Top Flight Automotive gives you the widest selection of Mustang performance accessories online. Shop our Mustang spoilers and rear wings from APR Performance, California Pony Cars, Maier Racing and Scott Drake.

Classic Mustang Rear Deck Spoilers

Put the finishing touches on your ride with Classic Mustang spoilers made by California Pony Cars. Pick up a rear deck spoiler kit that gives you everything you need to position a spoiler above your sports car’s trunk lid.

We offer rear deck spoilers for the base and Mach 1 vehicles. Find Classic Mustang spoilers with mounting brackets, pedestals, pads and hardware for 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 sports models.

Foxbody Mustang Rear Wings for Sale

Browse our Saleen-style rear wings by Maier Racing for Foxbody ‘Stangs produced by Saleen Automotive, Inc., beginning in 1984. Transfer original styles of the rare performance series to your third-gen vehicle. Low-profile wings are available for 1987-1993 Mustangs.

SN95 and New Edge Mustang Wings

Our experts supply you with only the best aftermarket wings available for fourth-gen ‘Stangs. Adjust your Mustang rear wing’s height to fine-tune your behind-the-wheel experience. Some of our APR Performance Mustang wings weigh just 18 pounds.

S197 Mustang Rear Wings and Spoilers

Find all-black performance attachments from APR Performance that complement your Mustang’s exterior. Whether you’re searching for GT500 spoilers or an American-made rear wing with billet aluminum pedestals, we’re here for you.

S550 Mustang GT Spoilers

Top Flight Automotive carries Mustang GT spoilers to help you achieve incredible cosmetic and performance results. Use our back-end spoilers by Scott Drake to leave the competition in the dust. Wicker-bill-style GT spoilers feature an angled lip.

Buy Mustang Spoilers and Rear Wings From Top Flight Automotive

You can find performance attachments compatible with specific Mustangs using our on-screen search filters. We make upgrading your sports model straightforward with listings organized by make, model and year.

Our Ford Mustang spoilers and rear wings are in stock. Buy from our store today.

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