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Ford Mustang Spoilers and Rear Wings

Few pony cars exit the production factory looking as sporty and aggressive as a Ford Mustang. Add a performance part like a spoiler to your vehicle’s exterior, and you’re suddenly the fastest competitor on the track. If you want to take your Mustang model to the next level, Top Flight Automotive can help you with various Mustang spoilers for sale.

Whether you want quicker lap times or improved handling stability, we have products from elite brands to help you accomplish your goals. Are you looking for Mustang rear wings instead? We carry a collection of rear wing products that will exceed your expectations.

The Purpose of a Mustang Spoiler

A Mustang spoiler reduces aerodynamic drag when attached to the front or back of a vehicle. When you drive at high speeds, a rear spoiler helps stop air from moving in an unfavorable direction. The attachments prevent a buildup of pressure at the back end of your car that could otherwise result in body lift. These devices get their name because they essentially “spoil” wind resistance around your vehicle.

Installing a Mustang spoiler allows you to control the look of your vehicle and boost handling control. The less wind resistance you encounter while driving, the more aerodynamic your pony car is in competition. Top Flight Automotive spoiler listings consist of carbon fiber materials for a lightweight upgrade on your pony car.

Benefits of Installing a Mustang Spoiler

Top Flight Automotive professionals recommend exterior spoilers for racing applications because the disruption of air at the back of your vehicle makes it easier for you to fly down the track. Drivers install our affordable Mustang rear spoilers for the following perks:

  • Potential improvement in brake performance on the track
  • Possible fuel economy advancements when you coast consistently
  • Balancing the weight of your vehicle at different speeds

We Also Sell Ford Mustang Rear Wings

Drivers using Mustangs for racing applications have many options for performance attachments. It’s important to note that performance wings are different from rear spoilers, although they appear similar at first glance. Top Flight Automotive carries both types of attachments to help you achieve the behind-the-wheel experience you desire.

Mustang wings install on the back of your pony car to increase downforce near the rear tires. In some cases, these pieces are adjustable so that you can set the height and angle of the performance attachments. At high speeds, rear wings keep vehicle tires pressed against the ground to maintain traction and prevent back-end lift.

Exterior wing attachments extend from the back of your vehicle much higher than a rear spoiler. These products catch air moving along the back of your performance vehicle, forcing it upward. Most sports cars experience more aerodynamic drag after mounting a rear wing, but the trade-off is that you can keep your tires on the road when accelerating.

Ford Mustangs have unique exterior shapes, so rear wings provide you with the advantages below:

  • Reduce the chances of your rear tires slipping.
  • Air stops moving near exhaust connections.
  • Achieve a smoother ride with fewer vibrations on the track.

We Carry Mustang Spoilers and Wings for Most Vehicle Generations

At Top Flight Automotive, we give you the widest selection of Mustang performance accessories online. We’re always adding new products to our store so that your Mustang is faster than the rest. You’re particular about the aftermarket attachments you install, so we supply you with products from well-known companies in the industry. Purchase Mustang spoilers and rear wings from brands like APR Performance, California Pony Cars, Maier Racing and Scott Drake. 

Classic Mustang Rear Deck Spoilers

Are you proud of your Classic Mustang restoration results? Top Flight Automotive will help you put the finishing touches on your favorite ride with Classic Mustang spoilers made by California Pony Cars. Our rear deck spoiler kits for sale give you everything you need to place a spoiler just above the trunk lid. Treat your base model or high-performance Mach 1 release to a one-of-a-kind upgrade. 

Most of our rear deck spoiler bundles come with compatible mounting brackets, pedestals, pads and hardware for a quick turnaround. Choose a Mustang rear wing kit for 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 or 1973 model years.

Foxbody Mustang Rear Wings for Sale

Foxbody vehicles are compact, lightweight and versatile for the road and track. Top Flight Automotive makes it simple to prioritize aerodynamics when you order Saleen-style rear wings by Maier Racing

Saleen Mustangs were originally produced by Saleen Automotive, Inc., starting in 1984. Racing legend Steve Saleen designed these high-performance pony cars as a new line of special edition vehicles. Saleen Mustangs are extremely rare, but our rear wings allow you to transfer original styles of the exclusive performance series to your trusted Foxbody.

Get the same low-profile wing seen on 1984-1993 Saleen Mustangs. Our offerings are compatible with 1987-1993 Foxbody production runs.

SN95 and New Edge Mustang Wing Attachments

If you’re building a reliable weekend track car, look no further than the Top Flight Automotive store for SN95 and New Edge Mustang performance wings. Our experts supply you with only the best aftermarket products available. We carry Mustang wings engineered by APR Performance for unmatched results.

Adjust the height of your Mustang rear wing to fine-tune your behind-the-wheel experience. Some of our APR Performance Mustang wings weigh just 18 pounds for a smooth installation process. Complete the job yourself with standard tools.

S197 Mustang Rear Wing and Spoiler Products

S197 Mustangs celebrate the looks and styles of 1960s production runs. Finally, you can add something extra to your favorite ride using any of our Mustang rear wings and spoilers made specifically for 2005-2014 models. The majority of our S197 rear wing and spoiler listings come from APR Performance. 

Find all-black performance attachments that complement your vehicle’s exterior. Whether you’re searching for GT500 spoilers for your pony car or an American-made rear wing with billet aluminum pedestals, Top Flight Automotive has you covered.

S550 Mustang GT Spoilers

Do you drive a furious S550 Mustang GT? Top Flight Automotive gives you numerous options for Mustang GT spoilers to help you achieve the look and performance results you’ve been after. Pick up one of our back-end spoilers made by Scott Drake to leave the competition in the dust. Wicker-bill-style GT spoilers feature an angled lip for controlling pressure and increasing downforce.

Order Mustang Spoilers and Rear Wings From Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive has an impressive inventory of Mustang performance attachments for your vehicle. You can find compatible products for specific Mustangs using the on-screen search filters. Top Flight Automotive makes upgrading your pony car straightforward with listings organized by make, model, and year. Not to mention, we will price match our products if you find a lower price somewhere else.

We have Ford Mustang spoilers and rear wings in stock and ready to ship now. Buy from us today, or contact our experts online with further questions.

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