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The Ford Motor Company has been a pioneer since the early days of the American automobile. Henry Ford founded the company in 1903, and 10 years later, he revolutionized the industry by implementing the first moving assembly line for mass production. 

Over the years, Ford has produced many iconic vehicles. The Model T, Model A and the F-Series pickup truck quickly come to mind. Still, the one brand that stands out from the rest is the pony car that first hit the streets in 1964 — the Mustang.

The Mustang has earned legendary status in the history of the American automobile. These remarkable vehicles always turn heads as they rumble down the street. They’re also a prime target for collectors and people who enjoy restoring vintage cars to like-new condition. The fact that Mustangs have been in continuous production for nearly 60 years is a testament to the brand’s enduring popularity and resilience. Even the Chevy Corvette experienced a one-year hiatus in 1983.

Your Mustang Lasts Through the Decades

One reason behind the Mustang’s staying power is the willingness of the Ford company’s engineering and design teams to change with the times and take bold chances. The pony car is now in its sixth generation, with each release bringing something new and exciting to the automotive table. The proof is in the results. 2020 marked the sixth consecutive year that the Mustang has outpaced all other American-made sports cars in overall sales. 

Keep Your Mustang in Top Shape With High-Quality Parts

Mustang owners take pride in the way their vehicle looks and performs. Many work hard to keep them in peak operating condition by installing superior aftermarket parts like the ones you’ll find at Top Flight Automotive. We’re one of the reputable companies composing the Extra Mile Brands family. When you partner with us for replacement parts, you’ll get excellent products that add value to your vehicle and benefit from our more than 40 years of service to the Mustang community. 

Your Best Source for a Ford Mustang Steering Wheel

A steering wheel replacement is a do-it-yourself project that can dramatically impact your Mustang’s handling and provide a significant interior style upgrade. Top Flight Automotive carries an extensive inventory of steering wheels for vehicles for the Classic generation that started the Mustang’s legacy. 

Ford equipped these original Mustangs with a steering wheel with three bare aluminum spokes surrounded by a simulated wood rim and a center horn ring. They were also large, and the 16-inch diameter made them easier to turn. Power steering was only an optional Mustang feature in the early days, though many buyers opted to add that technology to their vehicle.

In 1968, Ford offered an upgraded steering system with a collapsible column that increased safety. The redesigned two-spoke wheel included a cushioned center section and a smaller hub. 

Ford Mustang Steering Wheels in Our Inventory

Our lineup includes various products specifically designed for the 1965-1969 models. We even carry Mustang GT steering wheel options. They feature the unique three-spoke configuration that adds a sporty, stylish touch and a retro aesthetic that will make your vehicle even more fun to drive. These Classic Mustang steering wheels are available in a wide range of attractive colors like black, white, red, blue, dark blue and woodgrain, making it easy to achieve the perfect match with your vehicle’s interior. 

We Also Carry Mustang Steering Wheel Parts and Accessories

Besides complete steering wheels, our vast selection also includes complementary products for the Classic and Foxbody generations. You’ll find an assortment of steering wheel center covers, hubs, screws, spacers and trim rings, as well as horn buttons, contact rings and contact repair kits. Foxbody-specific items include horn buttons and horn button repair pads. 

Mustang Steering Wheels From Top Manufacturers

Our steering wheels and other aftermarket products come from reputable companies with extensive experience producing quality products for Mustangs and other high-performance automobiles. Examples include California Pony Cars, Daniel Carpenter, Auto Accessories of America, Dynacorn and ACP. You’ll get a reliable part that fits perfectly and gives you many years of dependable service. 

We’ll Help You Make a Smart Purchasing Decision

Are you having trouble determining which steering wheel product is the right match for your vintage Mustang? The Top Flight Automotive sales team offers more than 175 years of combined automotive expertise. We’re available to help you find the right product for your vehicle’s year and model.  

If you’re unsure how to replace your steering wheel, we can also provide tips on doing the job quickly and efficiently. Over the years, we’ve encountered just about every obstacle you can experience during an installation project, and we know what it takes to overcome them. We can even help you plan the job beforehand, including informing you of all the equipment and tools you’ll need along the way.

Why Should You Choose Us for Aftermarket Parts?

Top Flight Automotive offers an unbeatable combination of a vast inventory of high-quality products, decades of Mustang experience and superior customer service. Other reasons to partner with us include:

  • Low prices, with many items well under the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).
  • Access to our tiered loyalty program where every dollar you spend can lead to more discounts. 
  • An email newsletter where you can receive information regarding special deals and promotions in your inbox.
  • Price matching to ensure you get the best value at Top Flight Automotive. 
  • Free online manufacturer’s catalogs for additional product information. 
  • Fast, easy and secure 24/7 online ordering for an improved customer experience.
  • Items that are in stock and ready to ship to your home or place of business.
  • Same-day domestic and daily overseas shipping.

Browse Our Ford Mustang Steering Wheel Inventory Today

View our current steering wheel selection online and check out the informative product descriptions to learn more. When you’re ready to order, you can do so online or by phone at 833-486-7354 for callers in the United States or 717-667-3004 for international customers during our regular business hours. Feel free to contact us online for more information. 

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