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Sports car enthusiasts can spot a Ford Mustang from a mile away. Since the original production runs of the 1960s, drivers associate these vehicles with sleek aesthetics, elongated builds and incredible horsepower. Owning a Ford Mustang becomes part of your lifestyle, so Top Flight Automotive allows you to purchase a variety of jewelry items celebrating your favorite Mustang throughout the brand’s history.

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or want to represent the Ford Motor Company in your own way, Top Flight Automotive is your source for affordable Mustang jewelry for any occasion. Look no further than our online shop for men’s and women’s products any Ford fanatic will appreciate!


Jewelry items on the Top Flight Automotive online store are highly collectible. Whether you’re searching for a gift idea or needing something extra to go with your dress shirt and slacks, gear like our Ford Mustang watches keeps drivers looking sharp. The Ford Mustang stands as one of the most impressive performance vehicles of the current era, so placing an order for a classic or modern accessory is an ideal way to show your dedication to a brand that has redefined the auto industry.

We understand that all Ford fans have a unique style, so we cater to drivers of all ages with Ford Mustang jewelry for casual and formal events.


Ford Mustang jewelry is great for keeping track of time, dressing up and displaying your passion for vintage and modern sports cars. Instantly grab attention from friends, family and those nearby when you choose to wear our products made by industry-leading companies like Auto Accessories of America. Consider wearing your orders to the following:


  • Racing and sporting events
  • Wedding receptions
  • Meetings at work
  • Parties and gatherings


First-generation Mustangs quickly gained popularity during the mid-1960s for racing success in the Indianapolis 500. If you want to tip your hat to some of the most valuable collector cars of all time — like Boss 302 and 429 models — consider placing an order for a classic Mustang watch at Top Flight Automotive. Select listings feature original Mustang scripts, Roman numeral markers and brown leather straps for a timeless appearance.

Our Mustang classic watches are built to go the distance with scratch-resistant faces.


Use an SN95, S197 or S550 as a daily driver? Top Flight Automotive helps you channel your Mustang pride with modern steel watches showcasing red, black and white clock face accents. Adjust both the date and time with an accessory that arrives with the iconic pony logo near the clock hands.

Rotating bezels, water-resistant capabilities and a free metal case make this the perfect Mustang-themed gift for a friend or family member. Storage tins are available in your choice of silver, black or red and have the running pony logo on the lid.


Top Flight Automotive is your source for aftermarket Ford parts that meet or exceed the original specifications of the production factory. We want to help you restore and maintain your favorite ride, so our sales representatives can steer you toward components, accessories, apparel and more during our normal business hours. We’re proud to be part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies making a difference in the Mustang community for over four decades.

Browse our Ford Mustang watches and jewelry today, or contact us for further information.

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