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Mustang Rear Diffuser

Ford fanatics are always searching for new and exciting ways to transform the behind-the-wheel experience of their Mustangs. While the Ford Motor Company does an exceptional job engineering exterior aerodynamic features, there is always room for improvements when traveling at high speeds. If you consider yourself a performance-minded driver, adding an aftermarket rear diffuser from Top Flight Automotive is exactly what you need to create downforce for stability, traction and handling control.

At Top Flight Automotive, our experts stock our online store with the latest performance upgrades for classic and new models. As one of the largest suppliers of Mustang components anywhere, we bring you rear diffuser attachments from industry-leading brands such as APR Performance for lightweight styling and functionality to match your driving applications. Create an all-new look for your Ford Mustang with one of our aftermarket rear diffusers that install without exterior modification.

Why Install Mustang Rear Diffusers?

Now that Mustangs are equipped with over 400 horsepower, performance pieces are necessary for balancing oncoming forces on the highway and race track. As you reach top speeds, pressure exists across the exterior of your vehicle from the front- to back-end. Ideally, your Mustang will guide the airflow in a linear path to avoid unwanted lift throughout acceleration, turns and cornering.

Rear diffusers act as performance upgrades for downforce improvements. As airflow moves under your sports car, low levels of pressure expand toward the rear tires and exhaust components, which can result in aerodynamic drag. However, a rear diffuser effectively transfers low-pressure air through an expansion chamber for less resistance at the back of muscle cars.

By purchasing a Mustang diffuser, you can create a vacuum effect along the cargo area. Cut through the air smoothly with products that install on stock setups in just a matter of hours.

Fifth-Generation Mustang GT Diffuser

Do you own an aggressive fifth-generation Mustang GT? Top Flight Automotive offers customers rear diffusers from APR Performance that feature durable carbon fiber materials. These products showcase sleek fins and angled expansion champers to direct forces away from undercarriage connections.

Adding an APR Performance rear diffuser to your 2005-2012 Mustang is an affordable way to separate your collector car from the rest. Twill weave patterns arrive in a black UV-resistant finish that accompanies all stock paint jobs for a racing-inspired appearance. Attachments feature pre-drilled holes for mounting, and orders include all necessary hardware for a smooth installation process.

If you need assistance with diffuser fitment and compatibility, Top Flight Automotive sales representatives are available during normal business hours to steer you toward a perfect fit.

Contact Top Flight Automotive for Mustang Rear Diffusers

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies. Our experts make up a team of professionals with over 40 years of experience serving the Mustang community. We carry a passion for Mustang models vintage and new and work to keep our online store up to date with the latest interior, exterior and performance parts for all six Ford generations.

For more information about Mustang diffusers or to place an order, contact Top Flight Automotive today.