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Ford Mustang Trunk Lid Components

The Ford Mustang is a spacious sports car. The cabin is large enough for you to travel with several passengers, plus there’s room in the trunk for must-have tools and items. If it’s time to replace your Mustang trunk lid, Top Flight Automotive has the components you need.

Mustang Trunk Parts From Names You Trust

When you complete a trunk lid repair or upgrade project, you want the results to last. Fortunately, we stock high-quality components for your Ford Mustang.

Our inventory features parts from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Explore our Mustang trunk components from brands including:

  • ACP
  • Auto Accessories of America
  • California Pony Cars
  • Cervini’s Auto Design
  • Daniel Carpenter
  • Lokar Performance Products
  • Maier Racing
  • Mr. Mustang
  • Scott Drake

Ford Mustang Decklid Replacements and Parts for Different Generations

Top Flight Automotive carries Mustang decklid replacements and related components for the Classic, Mustang II, Foxbody and S550 series models. Our site is home to an assortment of trunk parts ranging from emblems and seals to locks and luggage carriers.

1965-1973 Classic Mustang Trunk Components

Sick of looking at scuff marks? Top Flight Automotive offers Mustang Shelby trunk deck lid replacements from California Pony Cars. Shop our site to restore the look of some of the most iconic Classic Mustangs from the era, like the 1968 sports cars. Many of the trunk lids we sell for Classic Mustangs are manufactured from steel, and they ship unpainted for a custom look.

You can also replace your stained and torn trunk mat with one that matches the original plaid design.

Foxbody and Mustang II Trunk Lock Sets

Shop our inventory for 1974-1989 Mustang replacement lock sets that integrate within your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) trunk lid. Whether you’re traveling with valuable belongings or you want curious pedestrians to stay out of your vehicle, the locks we offer from Auto Accessories of America are ideal for the job.

Foxbody Mustang Trunk Lids for Sale

Bolt-on fiberglass Foxbody Mustang trunk lids by Cervini’s Auto Design are available for all 1979-1993 coupes. Choose third-generation Mustang trunk lids that line up with OEM mounting points. Transfer over your stock hardware and lock assembly to finish the job.

S550 Mustang Trunk Lid Panels

Trunk lid panels line the inner surfaces of trunk compartments. These surfaces are sometimes exposed to outdoor elements when you open the trunk of your S550 Mustang. If your OEM trunk panel is showing some wear, shop our site to change it out for a replacement from Scott Drake.

Use our collection of S550 Mustang trunk lid panels on GT, V6, Ecoboost and convertible sixth-gen ‘Stangs. Select styles feature molded ABS textured patterns to change up the look of your sports car in a subtle way.

5 Reasons to Restore Your Ford Mustang Trunk Lid and Compartment

A Ford Mustang trunk lid is subject to regular use. You open this part of your vehicle to take personal belongings, garage tools and other items with you on the road. Choosing the right Ford Mustang trunk lid assembly and parts for restoration jobs allows you to see the benefits outlined below.

1. Protect Interior Cabin Surfaces

Adding a new trunk lid to your Mustang is effective for keeping interior surfaces safe and dry. Store valuable belongings or equipment for your vehicle with the confidence of knowing items won’t slip through spaces between the trunk lid and the exterior of your sport model.

2. Eliminate Surface Imperfections

Exterior trunk lids can take a beating over time. You can potentially increase the value of your Ford Mustang by replacing a cuffed or dented installation. Swapping out a worn Mustang trunk lid ensures the assembly opens and shuts properly. Ensure other drivers are looking at your sport model for the right reasons with Mustang trunk lids and parts that attach like your OEM technology.

3. Use the Trunk Compartment Easily

Trunk lids that get stuck or open on their own can be an inconvenience. Completing a restoration project around your Mustang’s trunk compartment is a great way to guarantee your assembly will serve you well. Forget about your luggage getting stranded in the back of your vehicle or having to pull over because your stock trunk lid has a mind of its own.

4. Potential to Improve Aerodynamic Capabilities

Whether you back into another vehicle or something falls on your Mustang’s trunk lid, surface imperfections will alter the way air moves across your sports car. The Ford Mustang trunk lids and parts we sell allow you to drive your vehicle knowing air can move in a favorable direction. Cut through the air on the track without a problem.

5. Create the Exterior Setup You Want

Integrating a new Mustang trunk lid on your ride gives you the freedom to paint selections any color you like. Design a trunk lid from the ground up to create an appealing accent for your vehicle. You might purchase more than one assembly from our site to change up the look of your Ford Mustang routinely.

Some Mustang trunk lids available through Top Flight Automotive follow OEM specifications. However, you’ll also find aftermarket designs that eliminate extra weight from your vehicle.

Shop Mustang Trunk Lids Online

Top Flight Automotive offers Ford Mustang trunk lid components from your favorite brands under one wing. Whether you’re working to improve the appearance of your Mustang or its performance, know our site is constantly growing with world-class listings to help you finish the job. Place your order today for fast shipping!

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