Ford Mustang Drum Brakes

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Ford Mustang Drum Brakes

Drum brakes help your Mustang reach a complete stop after hitting top speeds. These cylindrical piees are attached to the inside of your wheels and surround a set of brake shoes. When you hit the brake pedal, the shoes push against the brake drums. The contact generates friction and brings your Mustang to a halt.

It’s crucial to keep your drum brakes in the best shape possible. They let you enjoy your Mustang’s optimal performance while staying safe on the road. If your brake pedal feels soft or your brakes squeal when you apply pressure, you might need new drum brakes or components. Top Flight Automotive offers a wide range of Mustang drum brakes for your replacement or restoration project.

Mustang Drum Brake Shoes

Brake shoes are an essential component of brake systems, resting inside the drum brakes. These curved metal pieces are forced against the drum brake to create friction and slow your car.

Top Flight Automotive carries drum brake shoes for many Mustang generations and specifications. We offer brake shoe sets to make it easier to replace all shoes at once. Our complete drum and shoe kits provide all the necessary pieces for a brake drum replacement. These sets contain premium metal-coated brake drums, springs, adjusters and other necessary parts for renewal.

Mustang Drum Brake Self-Adjuster Kits

A drum brake self-adjuster kit has the tools you need to repair or rework your Mustang drum brakes. Top Flight Automotive offers kits for various Mustang generations, helping you keep drum brakes in the best condition no matter their history.

Mustang Drum Brake Wheel Cylinders

The hydraulic pressure in your Mustang’s wheel cylinder helps your car slow down. When you press your Mustang’s brakes, the wheel cylinder pushes the brake shoes apart and against the brake drum. Without the wheel cylinder, the drum brakes wouldn’t function properly. 

If you need a replacement wheel cylinder for your drum brake, browse Top Flight Automotive’s selection of parts today. You can find wheel cylinders for each Mustang generation, all from top manufacturers.

Mustang Drum Brake Hoses

The brake hose transfers brake fluid from the master cylinder to the wheel cylinder in your drum brake. Explore our brake hose components to start your replacement or restoration project today.

Buy Mustang Drum Brake Parts From Top Flight Automotive Today

Your Mustang needs high-quality brakes to keep up with optimal performance levels. If your drum brakes need replacements, Top Flight Automotive is your best source for new parts. Our broad inventory of Mustang components meets the needs of different generations and specifications. You can browse for new parts 24/7, 365 days a year.

Many of our parts are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Get started with your brake drum replacement project with our rapid shipping speeds. If you need assistance finding the right component, our sales team is ready to help. 

To get started, use our search and filter functions to find the exact brake drum part you need.

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